Paws to Read

Ryan S.

About Me

Hello I go to Prairie Star Middle School and im a good reader and I like to read books about sports. I love to play outside with friends and play sports like basketball and baseball.

I don't like romance books. I love sports books. I'm a slow reader. I like comedy books. Books about Middle School are 90% of the time good. I read to be smarter. I like books that have about 30 chapters.I dont like fantasy books and History.I normally dont finish my books but thats ok.


My Favorites and Interests

My favorite books are basically every sports book out there and the Middle School books. I love Mike Lupika and Jeff Kinney.But most of all i love Sports Illustrated. I love to read Sports Illustrated any day.

What are you Reading now!

Im reading Middle School...Get me out of Here. It is a very good book! This is good because i could have kind of related when he got to middle school he was very shy and that was the same as me.I would recommend this book to all 6th graders who are just starting Middle School.I really enjoy reading this book.


I choose the song The Champ by Nelly because when i read i feel llike the champ.
Nelly - The Champ (Bowl Week)