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Asian Carp

Scientific name : Hypophthalmichthys molitrix

Common name : Asian carp

Physical Description

- Have low-set eyes, situated far forward, and large, upturned mouths.

- Asian carp can grow up to 60 inches and 110 pounds.

- Asian carp are abundant spawners, spawning multiple times annually, with up to 1 million eggs per spawn.

- Asian carp can jump 10 feet out of the water, and are easily disturbed by watercraft, resulting in thousands of leaping fish.

Where are Asian Carp from ?

All of the species known collectively as Asian carps originated in major river systems in China and Russia.

How did Asian Carp arrive in the United States ?

Asian Carp were introduced to North America in the early 1970s for biological control of algae, plants and snails in aquaculture ponds.

Where is Asian Carp found in the United States ?

North America - along the Mississippi river.

Why is Asian Carp a threat in the United States ?

They are voracious eaters, grow faster and compete better than native fish species. The Silver Carp, one of the four species, can leap up to ten feet out of the water, posing a major threat to boaters and other recreational users. Asian Carp consume so much food they can eliminate food for other species altering the entire food web. They also excrete much of what they eat (up to half) undigested, which further alters ecosystems.

List one way that we are trying to manage or eliminate the negative impact of this organism.

- Shock Treatment (or fish fry)

- Carpicide

- Building Fences

- Sound them out

- Genetically Engineer them

- Harvest them

- Shut them out