Illegalization Of Alcohol

The Eighteenth Amendment

What is the Eighteenth Amendment?

The Eighteenth Amendment went into effect on January 16 1920, it declared that the production, sale, and transportation of alcohol is Illegal. Alcohol was made illegal because they believed that if it was then crime would go down, it would reduce taxes, help social problems, and also to improve American's Hygiene. In 1919 America was now a dry country and most people were furious.

Who was for the Amendment?

Woman's Christian Temperance Union

The Woman's Christians Temperance Union was strictly against alcohol. They were against alcohol because average boys over the age of fifteen would consume on average 7 gallons of alcohol a year.

Anti Saloon League

The Anti Saloon League aka ASL was led by a man named Wayne Wheeler Became the most successful single issue lobbying organization in American History. Their goal was to get a amendment to ban the manufacturing, sale, and transportation of alcohol.
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