War of 1812

Ethan Scott


The British are coming! The British are coming back for more! The War hawks have finally declared war against the Brits. We were caught in the middle of the France and British war, and now we have to clean up their messes. In my opinion, the British should run and never return.

Causes and Effects of the war

There were many causes to join the war. The first is because British was giving weapons to the native Americans, we didn't like that. They also took our sailors. They blocked trading ports and attacked our ships.

The major effect of the war was that America was losing confidence they regained all of it after the final battle at New Orleans.

Bad Times

In the battle of New Orleans, British suffered more than 2000 casualties and America only lost 71. In the whole war over 20000 people were killed. 8600 casualties were British soldiers. Sadly 15000 were American.