Great Podcasts and Videos

Great Podcasts and Videos to use in my, and your, classroom!


The following are 5 videos that can be used in a social studies classroom. They are fun, entertaining, and will grab students' attention instantly!
School House Rock - I'm Just A Bill

I'm Just a Bill

This video is a great way to show students how a bill becomes a law, and it's School House Rock! How could you go wrong with that?!
American Civil War: Lee vs. Grant | History Channel War Documentary

Lee vs. Grant: History Channel Documentary

This documentary is a great way to excite students about the Civil War. It shows the parallels between Grant and Lee and you can watch it free on YouTube!
Biography of The Rat Pack Part 1

Biography of the Rat Pack

Biography is one of my favorite education based TV shows of all time. All of the episodes are intriguing, and you learn so much! In this one, the Biography of the Rat Pack, you learn so much about the idolized Rat Pack, and this video is only Part 1! (Part 2 is also available.) This will teach students a lot about not only the Rat Pack, but an exciting time in history, and possible intrigue them to look at more biographies!
Kennedy-Nixon First Presidential Debate, 1960

Nixon and Kennedy Debate of 1960

This is probably the most famous presidential debate of all time because it shaped the way Americans vote for their leader. Kennedy was shown as a handsome man who kept composure, and although it is argued Nikon was a better candidate, his choice to not wear makeup and appear TV ready may have cost him the election. Show your students this debate and let them see what the American public did in 1960!
Arizona Senator John Kyle on Planned Parenthood - The Colbert Report Exerpt

Colbert Report Exerpt

The Colbert Report is always a great way to illustrate current political and social issues to a classroom because it is entertaining and on point. Students will love Colbert's commentary and hopefully it will spark interest to learn more about the issue themselves.

The Rachel Maddow Show

The Rachel Maddow show talks about the latest news in politics and pop culture and Maddow does it in a smart way! Students will love to listen to this show whether they agree with the commentary or not, it will spark smart debate in the class!

Mafraj Radio

This radio station gives your students the perspective of different sources that aren't always given and allow an opportunity for students, and teachers, to get more of a background on Yemen and Middle East studies in general.

The Frank and Kevin Show

Frank and Kevin talk about anything and everything and give great resources to students and teachers while doing so. They discuss new product, political events, books, culture, and do so with in a fun way with a nerdy perspective!

Anderson Cooper 360

Who doesn't love Anderson Cooper? A brilliant newscaster on CNN, this podcast recaps the show which is about current affairs and talks about them in a very informed way.

BBC Documentaries

Explore everything from Nepal to Technology Billionaires in this podcast! All are less than 30 minutes long and will be sure to inform and excite your students. Stonehenge, The Berlin Wall, Central American Migrant Workers, Alzheimer's In Columbia, Korea's People Smugglers...the list goes on!