Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach

Beach Glog Project by: Samantha Bay


  • Waianapanapa Beach is located on Maui, one of the islands that make up Hawaii.
  • Hawaii is part of the U.S.A
  • located map-matically: 20.7836 N, 155.9980 W

Picture of the tropical flora that frames the area

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Here's a view of the black lava cliffs that jut out from the ocean

Type of Beach:

  • Waianapanapa Beach is a active coast; hawaii itself is located on a hot-spot in the middle of the pacific plate, formed by tectonic forces
  • the Beach is also a primary coast and it was formed by volcanic influences
  • because it's located on one of the islands of Hawaii, this beach is emergent


  • Waianapanapa Beach is a Black Sand Beach.

  • The sands color originates from most likely a lava spill that cooled and weathered over hundreds of years

  • the main rock types that make up this beach are of the igneous category

  • Basalt is the most prominent rock type. there could also be some Andesite, and volcanic glass located in the sand

In the picture it gives us a look of the black sand that covers the whole beachfront

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This is an example of some of the magnificent sea caves found around the beach

why It's Special:

  • unless the waters calm its hard to swim because rip currents are very common
  • known to be one of the prettiest sites on the island of Maui
  • Sandwiched between black lava cliffs, and beautiful forest landscapes
  • Sea caves, blowholes, and arches are sprinkled across the location
  • the beaches name translates to, "Glistening Water."
  • surrounded by hawaiian culture; tribal cemeteries and hawaii's largest-known ancient temple are found near this beach