The Broad River Basin

By: Tyler Edison and Michael Hicks


The Broad River Basin originates in the mountains of western North Carolina and flows southeast through the foothills and Piedmont before entering South Carolina. The headwaters are located in the South Mountains of North Carolina. The mouth of the basin runs into the Congaree River in South Carolina.

Streams and Rivers

1,514 miles of streams and rivers cover the Broad River Basin.


The population of the basin is 204,803.

Nonpoint Source Pollution and Solution

Storm water runoff and runoff from construction sites for vacation and second homes are huge problems in the basin. Stormwater (rain and melted snow) transports eroded soil, fertilizer, pesticides, metallic chemicals, and human and animal waste from cropland, pastures and paved areas that don’t allow water to soak into the soil into surrounding waterways. The debris form construction sites is washed away by rain and is taken to the rivers and streams of the basin causing pollution. Barriers should be made to block stormwater that runs through areas where pollutant chemicals can be picked up and taken to the streams.

Point Source Pollution and Solution

Activities that harm the fishery in the basin and habitat degradation are big point sources in the Broad River Basin. Some streams in the basin are classified as trout waters which prohibits activities that would harm the fishery of the basin. This gives protection by the state to some of the streams and rivers of the basin.

Important Places/Landforms

Chimney Rock Park, Hickory Nut Gorge, Lake Lure, the Bat Cave, and Kings Mountain Reservoir are important places and landforms in the Broad River Basin
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