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Families Gather to Show Thanks!

Last week, Slater hosted over 80 families for an amazing Thanksgiving Day Celebration. Family members had the opportunity to eat with our Slater scholars during a lunch that featured turkey, dressing. peach crisp, kale, and more. These pictures are just a taste of the fun filled times that parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and friends took part in on this special day.

Price Middle School Gives Back

Each day our Slater scholars get the opportunity to learn about chess from our very own Ms. Morgan. Ms. Morgan teaches students about chess strategy while connecting skills like communication, and sportsmanship to enhance students daily lives. Last week, the students from Price Middle School, came back to share with our scholars what they have learned about the game since they left.

Students shared helpful hints about key moves, and many even created video tutorials that can be used for building student knowledge about the game. When the Middle School students arrived, they introduced themselves and began working with small groups. Many students had the pleasure of working with their siblings or neighbors as they reminisced about being in their old school.

The Monday Mission is Here

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Introducing Mrs. Bell-Palmer!!

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Mrs. Bell-Palmer is one of the newest additions to this year's 5th grade team. Ms. Bell- Palmer teaches our Slater scholars Social Studies. Mrs. Bell-Palmer team teaches with Dr. Robinson, another new and creative addition to the 5th grade team.

Mrs. Bell-Palmer has been teaching for 10 years and is a graduate of Mercer University and South Carolina State University. As a veteran teacher, Mrs. Bell- Palmer believes that students grow from working hard and learning things that are meaningful to them!! She approaches education with a positive attitude. She believes that students learn from teachers that they like and relate to and respect.

PBL Time Line for this Week

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This week in Project Based Learning, our students continue to work on activities and research information regarding their grade level projects. Teachers continue to lecture, invite guests, and build field trips around the instruction that students are engaging in.

As a parent you can continue to ask your scholar about the things that they are learning. You can also become a part of the student learning by volunteering in your child's class, chaperoning a field trip, or sharing the knowledge that you have on topics that our scholars are investigating!

Take the time to get in where you fit in with Project Based Learning!

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