computer components

inside a computer...

hard drive

a hard drive is something that stores data. It is the main memory that storse on your computer


a monitor is a screen on a computer wich shows you what you are doing and shows you the work you are doing


The heart of a computer is the central processing unit or CPU. This device contains all the circuitry that the computer needs to manipulate data and execute instructions. The CPU is small given the amount of circuitry it contains.


ram stands for random access memorey it provides space for your computerto read and write data from the CPU.


it means read only memory this means that it stores the memorey off what you have done it also contains the boot fermwere.


a motherbooard is the major, underlying circuit board of a computers.


inputs are what you tell the computer to do and output is when the computer does to you

touch screen

touch screen is were you put your finger and click and accepts it