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November 18, 2022

Hello, Pirate Families! 🏴‍☠️

Here's what's happening for the next two weeks:

11/19: Saturday - Beauty and the Beast public performance @ 7:30 PM

11/20: Sunday - Beauty and the Beast matinee @ 2:00 PM

11/21-11/25 - Fall Break

11/28: Monday - Credit by Exam testing occurs this week

11/29: Tuesday - South Texas Grad on campus (11:15-12:40) for Letterman Jacket fittings (organization sponsor will notify students of eligibility)

11/30: Wednesday -

12/1: Thursday - RFHS Girls' Basketball Tournament

12/2: Friday - Girls' Basketball Tournament continues

Wishing you all a great weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Fall Break

Just a reminder: All ACISD schools will be closed from November 21-November 25 as we enjoy a Fall Break. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Student Identification Badges

By now, 95% of our students should have been given their IDs. Students must wear their IDs on a lanyard around their necks all day during school. The ID will also be required for entry if students plan to attend after-school activities. Students who lose their ID must purchase a new one for $2.00 in the HS Library.

After the Fall Break, students who do not display their ID properly will be assigned a disciplinary action, so we're encouraging all students to put it on before they even walk into the building.


Toast of the Coast

On December 1-3, the RFHS Girls Basketball team will host the Toast of the Coast tournament. We always encourage parents and community members to attend, so we hope to see you there supporting our Pirates. Please remember to bring your ID with you if you plan to attend the tournament during the school day. All visitors must present their identification prior to entering the gym. We appreciate everyone's understanding.


Parking Passes

The rules for parking permits have changed a bit! If students still do not have a parking permit on their vehicle, please have them talk with Officer Wilson, who will gladly give them a new application. Students will need to provide their vehicle information in order to receive a parking permit for the 22-23 school year.


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Students In Action



ACE invites you to enjoy the wonder and amazement of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast!

Start the Thanksgiving holidays by sharing this magical musical with family and friends of all ages at no cost as you are enchanted by our exceptionally talented students casting their delightful spell. This totally free spectacular musical production is ACE’s Thank You gift to our awesome students, families, friends, staff, administration, and community members for their dedication and support. Make plans to be part of this exciting free event on Friday, November 18th, Saturday, November 19th at 7:30 p.m., or Sunday, November 20th at 2:00 p.m. in the Martha Luigi Auditorium.

Show your support for our awesome students and let them know how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication by attending one of their special events. We look forward to seeing you.

If you have any questions about these events or any other ACE activity, please contact Paula Dean at pdean@acisd.org or 361 790-2220, ext. 2244.


Counselor Corner

Greetings Pirate Families!

November Character Trait is Gratitude

Celebrating Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on how grateful we are for all those people and things in our lives. A Gratitude Jar can be easily added to your Thanksgiving table. All you need is a jar or bowl, some scraps of paper and pens, and markers for everyone around the table. Each person writes what they are grateful for on the slip of paper and places it in the jar. Then pass the jar around and each person reads one of the notes aloud for everyone to hear. It is a great activity to share all those things we are truly thankful for and everyone will feel full of gratitude!

From all of us in the RFHS Counseling Department, we wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and a restful break!

Until next time, RFHS Counselors #Pirate Strong


College and Career News

Upcoming Dates:

December 8, 2022: Final Registration Deadline for Spring 2023 Dual Credit Courses



Senior Checklist: Where are you?

Not being college-ready can cost you. Not being college-ready means that the college/university will have you take remedial courses that will not count toward your degree.

Del Mar College - 3 hrs = $606.00

Texas A&M in CC - 3 hrs = $1134.35

Texas A&M in CS - 3 hrs = $1480.43

It will also cost you valuable time. Remedial courses will require you to spend approximately 45 hours of class time during the semester plus homework. This is substantial!

FAFSA Due Dates

The first due date comes from the colleges themselves. Spoiler alert! It’s typically early. College deadlines vary from school to school, but they usually come well before the academic year starts. If you’re applying to multiple colleges, look up each school’s FAFSA deadline and apply early.

Many college FAFSA due dates have priority deadlines, which means you need to submit your FAFSA form by that date to potentially receive the most money from the college. Many colleges have this date clearly marked on their financial aid web pages. If you can’t find it, call the school’s financial aid office. The final deadline comes from the federal government and is June 30th! Visit www.studentaid.gov for more information.

Del Mar Day is coming! Del Mar College will be here on Tuesday, December 13th. We will have an admissions specialist on campus to assist and answer any questions about the applications and enrollment process. We will meet in Mr. Kelly’s room. They will also be able to discuss the many programs DMC has to offer!

November Scholarship Newsletter is here! Please take advantage of these great opportunities!


Be sure to look at the Class of 2023 Senior Google page each week. Lots of important information for Seniors and parents.

Attention Senior Parents: If your child has completed FAFSA or has applied and is committed to a particular school or university, please make sure they notify their Senior Advisors! Did you know that 24% of our class has already completed their FAFSA and 60% have applied to colleges or trade schools? While we are extremely pleased with these numbers, we sure would like everyone to have access to great financial aid programs. Parents and students must drive this effort and your Senior Advisors are here to help! If we don’t have the answer we will certainly help you find a resource that can!

Here are some links to scholarships that are listed on the ACISD website. It is updated frequently!

Local Scholarships - https://sites.google.com/acisd.org/localscholarships/home?pli=1

General Scholarships - https://sites.google.com/acisd.org/2022-2023generalscholarships/home

Look on the Class of 2023 Senior Google page for new information regarding BucDays/Port of Corpus Christi Dale Carnegie Leadership Training Program that is tied to $80,000 in scholarship money. There are signs with QR Codes posted around the commons.

Interested in a Military Career?

If you would like to speak to any branch recruiter please contact Mr. Kelly (tkelly@acisd.org) or Mrs. Mann (lauram@acisd.org). They can help get you connected!



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Semester Exams

The semester exam schedule is below. Keep in mind that all students will be required to take the semester exam, which will count as 20% of the semester average) unless they have met the exemption criteria:

  • 3 or fewer absences (excluded from this count: medical notes, school-approved activities, or other excuses permitted by law)
  • 5 tardies = 1 absence
  • Students with disciplinary placements of ISS, OSS, or DAEP are not eligible.

Students who are exempt may elect to take a semester exam in order to increase their grade. Those exempt students who choose to test will not have their grades negatively impacted by the exam. Even exempt students must be present for the exam class period; otherwise, the exemption is lost and the exam grade is a 0.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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Pirate Sports


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Important Dates

Please try to avoid personal appointments for students on the days below:
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