Sammy Davis, Jr

"The ultimate mystery is one's own self." - Sammy Davis Jr..

How he became famous!

Sammy Davis, Jr first started playing piano when he was a kid, He first was introduced to Piano when his mom played the piano in their house. He grew up making small profits off of performing in parks and at friends parties, Eventually he formed his own band and then it kicked off. Next, He was declined from bigger bands because of not being able to read music very well. He joined several small ones before forming his own and gaining fame as they traveled the world funded by several anti-segregationist companies. They played many songs and Sammy Davis, Jr lead them and, even trained and made songs just for band members.

Popular Albums, Songs

Sammy Davis, Jr has had many great songs over the years he composed and played. Some of which like his "Hits Of Sammy Davis JR" have reached over 4 million views on YouTube. One of his greatest songs so far, Is "Mr.Bojangles" with 3 million views on one video alone. Another popular song known by more people is "The Candy Man"

Fun Facts About Sammy Davis, Jr

Sammy Davis was a vocal voice in the "Black Power Movement" and other "left winged causes" Davis played in Vietnam and absolutely loved the president, President Richard Nixon, one of the main reasons he played in Vietnam. During that time he was thrown into the drug and alcohol craze, and started to have kidney problems around 1974. Another fact is that Sammy had a tumor in his throat and went through extensive radiation therapy, This seemed like it was helping until an even larger, growth was found, which later killed Sammy years later. Sammy Davis, Jr died on May 16 1990 at the age of sixty four years old.
Sammy Davis Jr. - The Candy Man (1972)