Nivethaashri Sundaramurthy

Ideals of Freedom

Legal Standpoint

The freedoms that I enjoy in this country as a green card citizen are:
  • The Freedom of Speech
  • The Freedom of Press
  • The Freedom of Religion
  • The Freedom of Assembly
I am a legal resident who can choose my job (although certain jobs are reserved for American citizens for safety reasons), and all the federal, local, and state laws apply to me.

Personal Standpoint

I have the freedom to think, to express my thoughts, to say what I want to say, and to do what I want do. The bottom line is that I am allowed to make my own decisions and to believe in what I want to believe. To me, the freedom to think, to choose, to believe, and to do what we seek to do speak the most. These are the basic freedoms from which all other liberties branch out. These four key words--think, choose, believe, and act--are what really make up who we are as a person. The way we think and make decisions, how we react under circumstances, and what we believe in together make up our identity. If we are stripped off these basic freedoms, then we loose who we are. We loose our individuality and what we stand for. To me, these are the ideals of freedom. The freedoms granted to us in the Constitution stem from these ideals.

I cherish individuality, not similarity. I love to be eccentric myself. Hence, these are the freedoms that I revere the most.


When my freedoms are denied to me, I rebel. This is common for every man and woman on earth. Most of our history is consumed with rebellion against a corrupt authority which infringes upon one's freedoms. This revolution has taken place in the form of civil disobedience, marches, riots, and even wars. At one point or the other, the infringers of freedom are taken down in a violent manner.

Freedom Costs

Freedom is very expensive. Although it is considered as a natural right of all humans, at one point or the other, it has been bought from the opressers. It has been paid for with life, blood, and agony. Thus, freedom can literally take the lives out of those who obstruct its exercise, or it can be the one thing that keeps someone living and loving their life.