Thylacinus Draco

By: Colin Arteaga, Jack Liese.

Biome Number: 5

This environment is a wetland before the ice caps melted. Now it is covered with thick mud, is extremely humid, and experiences hurricanes year 'round and tons of brutal storms. Since these hazardous conditions are present, large organisms like tall trees do not survive. The only plants that survive are sea grasses, mangroves and shrubs. The only animals that survived are the fittest of the fit which includes water stable organisms like amphibians fish and alligators and a very small amount of land mammals.

Tasmanian Dragon

The Tasmanian Dragon is a mixture of a Tasmanian devil and an eastern water dragon. This creature is tough but is primarily an omnivore. Although it is a fierce creature it prefers to eat plants and leaves off of trees.


In our climate you need to be warm, so that is why it has a full coat of fur. To defend itself it has a spike on the end of its tail that is really sharp that will impale any predator that tries to harm it. To get away from predators the animal will use its claws to dig into the ground to provide traction for it to run away in almost any environment it crosses over into; in between the claws are webs so that it can swim in this moist enviroment. This animal also has sharp teeth to demolish chewy meets that it gets from its prey.

Food, Water, Shelter?

How this animal finds food is with its pristine sense of smell and its superior tracking skills with its nose. It is not hard for this animal to find water because the whole environment is swamp like and there is water everywhere. This species can sleep anywhere it needs to sleep to get through the night but it prefers under a cave or what not.

Food Chain

sun--------->Fruit ---------------> Crickets ----------------> Tasmanian Dragon -----------> Crocidile

--------Primary Producers->Primary Consumer ->Secondary Consumers->Tertiary Consumers


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