Costa Rica

By Maria Nedumthuruthil


Costa Rica was one of the first places Columbus discovered in the New World. Costa Rica was controlled by Spain in 1563. Like many other Spanish settlements in the New World, Costa Rica gained it's independence from Spain on September 15, 1821. It is still an independent country. The official language is Spanish.


There are five stripes on the flag. The red in the middle stands for the warmth of the people there, their love of life, blood for those who fought for freedom, and the people's generous ways. The two white stripes stand for clear thinking, happiness, wisdom, and power. The two blue stripes stand for the sky. The Costa Rican emblem is on the red stripe.

Major Cities

Geographical Information

Costa Rica is southeast of Nicaragua, northwest of Panama, west of the Caribbean Sea, and east of the Pacific Ocean. There are many volcanoes in Costa Rica and they are part of Ring of Fire, a group of volcanoes in the Pacific. There is also 700 miles of coastal lowland and beaches, a common tourist attraction. Costa Rica also has many tropical rain forests.

Political Information

Costa Rica has a democratic republic government. Their president is Luis Guillermo Solís.

Economic Information

The current currency of Costa Rica is the Costa Rican colón. Costa Rica has a capitalism economic system.


Costa Rica has beautiful beaches and geographic features. You should visit beaches, mountains, and rain forests for their relaxing enjoyment.