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Travel Advice from Christopher Sahliyeh

Christopher Sahliyeh is no stranger to traveling, and has a long history of working in the field. From 1998 to 2005, Christopher Sahliyeh worked as a Licensed Travel Agent and Managing Director of Setco Travel Agency in Dallas, Texas. In this position, he served in many roles and became knowledgeable about numerous aspects of traveling.

Christopher Sahliyeh encourages travelers to have a backup plan for financing certain aspects of their trips. Everyone knows that traveling can become expensive, and sometimes unforeseen costs arise. Christopher Sahliyeh recommends that travelers save additional money for each trip that is not included in regular costs, to be used in cases of emergency. Of course, no traveler likes to think about emergency situations, but having such funds provides reassurance and peace of mind. Christopher Sahliyeh knows that traveling should be an enjoyable experience, not one based on financial concern.

When it comes to choosing a location to travel to, Christopher Sahliyeh recommends being adventurous in your search. Is there somewhere you’ve always want to go, but never had the courage to? If this sounds like you, then Christopher Sahliyeh encourages you to follow through. He knows that the most rewarding experiences can result from unexpected situations. If you’re particularly nervous about going to a new location, then Christopher Sahliyeh suggests traveling in a group.

Finally, Christopher Sahliyeh also emphasizes sources such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, travel agencies, etc. Christopher Sahliyeh knows that a recommendation from a trusted professional or even a friend can help potential travelers to avoid unpleasant locations. Word of mouth, whether it be via the internet or through a reputable agency, can be hugely beneficial for helping travelers to choose a reliable location and helps to promote the best experience possible. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to take someone else’s opinion into consideration.

Christopher Sahliyeh, Texas Resident

Christopher Sahliyeh is a long time resident of the Dallas area in Texas. His time in Dallas includes childhood schooling, university, and his employment history.

Christopher Sahliyeh attended the St. Mark’s School of Texas in Dallas for his childhood education. After graduating from the school, he chose to remain in the Dallas area for university. He enrolled in Southern Methodist University for his undergraduate degree, where he received a double major degree in Economics and Finance with a minor in Marketing. Christopher Sahliyeh remained in Dallas after graduating from university, and does not plan to leave within the near future. Christopher Sahliyeh feels that Dallas offers prestigious educational opportunities, and maintains a high standard of excellence in its schools and higher education institutions.

For Christopher Sahliyeh, Dallas is truly his home. He can’t imagine living anywhere else, as his family and his personal history are deeply rooted in the city. There are many reasons why he has chosen to spend his life in Dallas, including the vast range of career opportunities. Christopher Sahliyeh has an impressive work history in the real estate industry, and his resume would suggest that Dallas is the perfect place for him to practice. Christopher Sahliyeh’s work history in the Dallas area spans 15 years of consecutive employment across several fields including real estate, management, marketing, sales, and travel assistance. It seems that the employment market in Dallas is able to provide Christopher Sahliyeh with meaningful, career-advancing opportunities.

Christopher Sahliyeh recently started a new job in the private wealth management field with a recognized financial company, also situated in Dallas. Due to Christopher Sahliyeh’s career success in the Dallas area, he is not likely to relocate any time soon. It would take much persuasion to move Christopher Sahliyeh from his native Texas, particularly the Dallas area.

Christopher Sahliyeh: Multimillion-Dollar Salesman

When it comes to handling multimillion dollar sales, Christopher Sahliyeh has a wealth of experience. In Christopher Sahliyeh’s seven year experience in the real estate field, he has successfully handled projects which resulted in multimillion-dollar earnings.

One of Christopher Sahliyeh’s most notable sales occurred in 2007 when he worked as a Broker Associate for the Dallas Fort Worth branch of RE/MAX. During his first year at the company, Christopher Sahliyeh’s sales exceeded the $15 million mark. This achievement earned him the Rookie of the Year for Real Estate award, as the top Real Estate Salesperson in Texas for 2007. Additionally, he also received the runner up position for the National Rookie Salesperson of the Year award for his multimillion-dollar sales experience.

Of course, Christopher Sahliyeh wasn’t able to achieve these earnings without selling some significant properties. During his time at RE/MAX, Christopher Sahliyeh served as the broker for a sale of commercial property of 150,000 square feet. He also worked with a government agency to facilitate the purchase of a 45,000 square foot government-based property.

Christopher Sahliyeh also worked on multimillion-dollar sales during his time at Setco Enterprises Corporation in Dallas, Texas. Setco Enterprises Corporation maintains an impressive multimillion-dollar commercial real estate portfolio, which Christopher Sahliyeh managed during his work with the company. He worked on portfolio tasks related to sales such as credit analyses, creation of financial plans, and business forecasting.

Christopher Sahliyeh’s experience in the real estate field demonstrates that he excels with big sales, and is able to manage the pressure of multimillion-dollar projects with high stakes properties. Not many people can match Christopher Sahliyeh’s aptitude and national recognition for large sales. Christopher Sahliyeh is always looking to take on difficult projects such as multimillion-dollar sales, and with his impressive track record, he is likely to succeed.

Texas Real Estate Commission Member: Christopher Sahliyeh

Christopher Sahliyeh has practiced real estate for many years, and has become a true expert in his field of practice. As a professional who is dedicated to upholding the standards of his field, Christopher Sahliyeh is a member of the Texas Real Estate Commission. He has held membership for several years, and plans to renew his membership for the discernible future.

Based in Austin, the Texas Real Estate Commission is the state agency that oversees and governs real estate practices in Texas. The commission regulates a variety of subfields in the real estate industry, including but not limited to salespersons, brokers, and residential service companies. Members of the Texas Real Estate Commission are appointed by the Governor of Texas, and serve for six years. Members must be licensed real estate brokers with experience in the brokerage field for at least five years before their nomination.

The Texas Real Estate Commission is the ultimate regulatory agency for Texas’ real estate industry. For this reason, Christopher Sahliyeh is proud to call himself a member of the commission. His commitment to his work is demonstrated in his professional memberships. In addition to holding membership at the Texas Real Estate Commission, Christopher Sahliyeh is also a member of the National Association of Realtors.

Christopher Sahliyeh understands the value of holding professional memberships with associations such as the Texas Real Estate Commission. Professional memberships indicate that an individual has gained success or expertise in their field and demonstrates that the person is a competent member of their workforce. Christopher Sahliyeh enjoys being able to participate in the Texas Real Estate Commission, not only for professional growth, but to uphold the ethics code of real estate practice. As an individual committed to his field, Christopher Sahliyeh is dedicated to maintaining the professional standards of real estate practice.

Christopher Sahliyeh’s Involvement in the National Association of Realtors

As an individual with an extensive background in the real estate profession, Christopher Sahliyeh is proud to be a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Established in 1908, the National Association of Realtors is a trade association for individuals licensed to practice residential and commercial real estate. Membership in the National Association of Realtors is a vital component of real estate practice, and the association has members all across the United States. In addition to promoting professional growth and adherence to real estate standards, the National Association of Realtors also provides a comprehensive range of services to members including educational opportunities, financial protective services, home and health insurance, and travel discounts.

Christopher Sahliyeh has been a member of the National Association of Realtors for several years, as he holds a license to practice real estate. Christopher Sahliyeh takes pride in being a member of the association, as he always seeks to uphold the ethical standards of the field that are promoted at NAR and within the profession of real estate as a whole.

During his time in the real estate field, Christopher Sahliyeh has contributed to the reputation of the National Association of Realtors. He received the Rookie of the Year for Real Estate award in 2007 while working at RE/MAX. Christopher Sahliyeh received the award as the top salesperson in the state of Texas that year, with sales totaling more than $15 million. Christopher Sahliyeh joins many similarly successful individuals at the National Association of Realtors, which currently has over 1.2 million members. Christopher Sahliyeh is passionate about advancing his career through professional associations, which is why he holds membership at the National Association of Realtors. He firmly believes in the association’s mission and values, and strives to promote these ideals in his everyday professional work.

Christopher Sahliyeh: Recipient of the Rookie of the Year for Real Estate Award

In 2007, Christopher Sahliyeh was awarded a coveted real estate award for his work in the field. At the time, Christopher Sahliyeh was an employee at the Dallas Fort Worth branch of RE/MAX, where he worked from 2007 to 2009. During his first year of work at RE/MAX, Christopher Sahliyeh was largely successful in sales, which earned him the prestigious award.

Christopher Sahliyeh was awarded the Rookie of the Year for Real Estate award for his sales record in 2007, which exceeded $15 million in earnings. In conjunction with the award, Christopher Sahliyeh was given the title of top Real Estate Salesperson in Texas for the year. He outsold all other real estate agents in the state of Texas in 2007, which earned him the esteemed award and the recognition of professionals in his field.

With his performance at RE/MAX, it’s no wonder that Christopher Sahliyeh was awarded for his efforts. Christopher Sahliyeh’s notable accomplishments at RE/MAX include brokering the sale of commercial property over 150,000 square feet in size, and representing a government agency in the sale of a 45,000 square foot property. His work at RE/MAX demonstrates Christopher Sahliyeh’s expertise in real estate sales and related functions.

In addition to the Rookie of the Year for Real Estate award, Christopher Sahliyeh’s accomplishments at RE/MAX were also recognized on a broader national scale. He was the recipient of the runner up position to the National Rookie Salesperson of the Year award for his sales record. Receiving recognition in one’s field ‒ whether on the local or national scale ‒ is a great feat, which Christopher Sahliyeh understands. He knows that hard work does not go unrecognized, which motivates him to perform at his best in any situation. Christopher Sahliyeh demonstrates that a strong commitment to work ethic always pays off.

Christopher Sahliyeh’s Reasons to Start Volunteering

Christopher Sahliyeh is committed to volunteering and giving his time to his community. In his spare time, Christopher Sahliyeh enjoys volunteering around the Dallas, Texas area and has a long history of volunteer commitments. Some of Christopher Sahliyeh’s volunteer commitments include work at the Genesis Women’s Shelter in Dallas, and the local chapter of Big Brother Big Sister.

Christopher Sahliyeh highly recommends volunteering for several reasons. His first reason is that volunteering allows people to discover previously unknown resources in their local communities. Volunteer experiences can lead to a wealth of knowledge of local community support services, and allows people to continually learn more about their community at large. Christopher Sahliyeh is a firm believer in community involvement, and encourages people to explore their local areas for undiscovered resources. He enjoys continually learning about his local community.

Another reason that Christopher Sahliyeh recommends volunteering is for the social outlet. During his volunteer history, Christopher Sahliyeh has expanded his social network through creating personal relationships with fellow volunteers. Not only has Christopher Sahliyeh created relationships with others through the process, but he has been able to meet people similar to himself who share his passion for giving back to their local community. Christopher Sahliyeh knows that volunteering is a great resource for meeting committed, genuine individuals.

Finally, Christopher Sahliyeh is committed to volunteering for the results. What he finds most rewarding about his volunteer work is the results that arise from his efforts. He enjoys being able to see exactly how his commitments have improved his community and the lives of its members. He likes to know that he is truly making a difference in his community, and enjoys being able to track his progress. For Christopher Sahliyeh, the results of his volunteering affirm his commitment to helping others in need.

Scuba Diving: Christopher Sahliyeh’s Hobby

Christopher Sahliyeh is a man of many trades and interests. He is a member of many different professional and personal associations, including alumni groups, professional real estate associations, volunteer groups, and even serves as an executive board member at USA Film. In addition to his membership in these groups, Christopher Sahliyeh also loves to scuba dive.

In his spare time, Christopher Sahliyeh thoroughly enjoys scuba diving. He has been certified to dive for several years, and has explored many different areas during his time as a licensed diver. A native of Texas, Christopher Sahliyeh has explored much of the Texas coast. He has also gone on dives in other coastal regions of the United States, and hopes to expand into international waters in the future.

When most people think of hobbies, scuba diving is typically not included in the list. Christopher Sahliyeh dares to think outside the box of conventional hobbies, and hasn’t been afraid to follow his passions in life. He has always been interested in undersea life, and loves that he has a hobby which enables him to explore this realm. Christopher Sahliyeh likes to have new experiences, particularly those that are hard to come by. He enjoys pursuing a hobby that exposes him to an area that most people are unable to experience. Christopher Sahliyeh is particularly interested in unique experiences, hence why he feels strongly about maintaining scuba diving as a hobby.

In addition to diving, Christopher Sahliyeh is always willing to teach others how to dive. He enjoys being able to share his knowledge of the subject, and aims to inspire others to get involved with diving. He particularly enjoys going on dives with others. An expert in the field, Christopher Sahliyeh serves as the perfect instructor for people who are interested in learning how to dive.

Christopher Sahliyeh’s History as a Travel Agent

For seven years from 1998 to 2005, Christopher Sahliyeh worked as a Licensed Travel Agent and Managing Director at Setco Travel Agency in Dallas, Texas. What makes Christopher Sahliyeh’s work at Setco Travel Agency particularly impressive is that he worked there during his high school and college years and excelled as a young professional in the field.

At Setco Travel Agency, Christopher Sahliyeh was responsible for a variety of tasks relating to management, accounting, payroll, marketing, processing of travel packages, and general office management responsibilities. For a young professional in his high school and college years, these tasks were prestigious undertakings. Christopher Sahliyeh succeeded in his management roles, and was even responsible for managing other staff at the agency.

During his time at Setco Travel Agency, Christopher Sahliyeh learned much about the realm of travel business. He worked to promote positive customer service interactions through networking, and the establishment of relationships with vendors. Customer service was a crucial component of Christopher Sahliyeh’s work at Setco Travel Agency, and was an area that he developed many skills in. His history with customer relations at Setco Travel Agency has been hugely beneficial for subsequent professional positions, and he has been able to apply principles that he learned at Setco Travel Agency to a breadth of professional situations.

In addition to maintaining positive customer relations, Christopher Sahliyeh also managed travel package bookings while working at Setco Travel Agency. He was responsible for managing both domestic and international travel packages, which is an impressive accomplishment for travel agents of any age. Christopher Sahliyeh was able to successfully manage travel bookings at a young age due to his commitment and passion for his work. He has an extraordinary work ethic, which has been demonstrated in all of his professional positions during his 15-year career.