Don't forget

Over Christmas make sure that you are applying for scholarships! You would be amazed how much money is out there. I will keep you posted with the local ones and others that I find, but you will be well suited to research your own!

Also, make sure you are keeping up with applying for colleges. Deadlines will approach quickly after we get back from Christmas break!


Scholarship Due Date Amount

NROTC 30-Jan up to $180,000 31-Dec $1,000

Amazon Student AXA Scholarship 15-Dec $!0,000-$25,000 only first 10,000 applications considered… apply early SanDisk (Open Jan1) 3-Mar $2500 up to full tuition

Baylor/Carr P Collins Scholars Program Baylor 31-Jan $5,000 Renewable

Texas Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE) 8-Jan $75,000 Amongst all awardees Paper copy available in counselor's office

Burger King Scholars 15-Dec up to $50,000 some renewable

University of Houston Varies Variety Variety of scholarships listed

SMU 15-Jan Approximately $255,000 Full Ride

SMU Hunt Leadership Scholars Program 15-Jan Approcimately $50,000

SMU-Other scholarships 15-Jan Varies

Stephen F. Austin 1-Feb Varies

Welding Scholarships 1-Mar

Roy Washington Carver Scholarship 7-Mar $1,000

Tarleton State Universtiy Scholarship List admitted variety

Terry Foundation A&M Galveston admitted $22,000 renewable Universtiy of Texas-Austin admitted renewable Texas Tech admitted renewable Texas A&M admitted renewable Texas State admitted renewable University of Texas San Antonio admitted renewable Universtiy of Texas-Dallas admitted renewable University of Houston admitted renewable University of Texas- Arlington admitted renewable Texas Women's University admitted renewable University of Texas- El Paso admitted renewable University of North Texas admitted renewable Sam Houston State University admitted renewable

Marine Scholarship 2-Mar up to $40,000 Ronald McDonald House Charities 1/20/2016 Mininum $1000

Texas Student Housing Scholarships Must attend school in Austin, Denton, or College Station Printed Copies in counselors office 1/31/2016 Varies Renewable

CTAT Mahindra Scholarship Program CTE Scholarship (anatamy, AG, Forensic Science… all count as CTE courses) 3/31/2016

GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program 1/7/2016 $10,000 renewable

University of Houston Fronteir Scholarship 1/22/2016 $1,000

Texas Farm Bureau

Dick Mitchell Memorial Scholarship 3/21/2016 $1,000

Young Farmer & Rancher Scholarhip 3/21/2016 $1,000

Memorial/Honorary Scholarship 3/21/2016 $1,000

Buick Achievers Scholarship Opens in early 2016 2/27/2016 $25,000 Renewable

Scholarship Points varies varies

MCO Scholarship 5/15/2016 $500

Global Lift Equipment Scholarship 6/15/2016 $500

Northern Arizona University

President's Excellence Scholarship admitted $9,000 renewable

Presidenst Scholarship admitted $7,000 renewable

UT Dallas admitted

Naveen Jindal School of Management

Sharyland Utilities Scholarship Opens Jan 4 2016 1-Mar-16 varied

East Texas Society of Petrolium Engineers Opens Early 2016 Apr-16 up to $7,000

The Good South Opens Feb 2016 up to $500

Texas Armed Forces Scholarship $7,000 renewable

Greenville Rotary Club Counselors office 4/22/2016 up to $2,000

Four-Way Speech Contest Counselors office 1/8/2016 up to $1,000

GEUS Scholarship Counselors office 4/1/2016 $500

Hunt County Clerks Counselors office 5/1/2016 $750

Texas Engineering Foundation Scholarship Counselors office 1/8/2016

Drug Free Greenville Counselors office 3/26/2016 $500- $250 for 2 semesters

Stephen F. Austin- Smith Hutson Scholarship Counselors office 2/26/2016 $17,500

Talent Hunt Scholarship- Omega PSI PHI fraternity Counselors office 1/8/2016 up to $750