Blood Red Horse

By: Hunter Oulman

¨There are many hardships in life.¨

I found this theme very suitable throughout the book. Many of the characters went through very rough times in this book. When Gavin de Granville was called to go fight for King Richard to defeat the Saracen army, Gavin loses his arm. But later on he is made count of the the de Granville's castle, Hartslove.

Another example of this them would be when Gavin took Will's horse, Hosanna, out to go hunting, and nearly killed Hosanna. For weeks Ellie, Will, and many stable helpers tried to heal Hosanna, and make him feel better. One day King Richard, Will and Gavin's father, told Will he needed to take Hosanna to the monks. Will was devastated, and was depressed for a very long time. Until one day, the monk who was looking after Hosanna found him healed and back to his old self. The monk then brought Hosanna back to Will, and the two were once united again, and went on to journey on to the crusades together.

One last instance of this theme comes from the other side of the fight between the Saracens, and King Richard and his army. It comes from Baha Adin. Baha Adin is the councilor of Saladin, the leader of the Saracens. Baha Adin went through a very hard time when he was fighting in the crusades. He saw many of his friends and fellow combatants killed.

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¨Even the most unsuspecting of people can become friends.¨

It's surprising how badly you can dislike someone, and then later on you and that person become friends. Or when you don't even know someone exists until you finally meet them, and a great friendship is born. There are a couple occurrences of this theme in my book. The most interesting, and amazing friendship that I read in this book was the friendship between Will and his horse, Hosanna. Will was finally of age to choose his might battle horse. When he went to the stables to pick one out, he just couldn't find the right one. Until he found his mare's two year old stud. Even though the stud was considered ¨too small¨ to be a battle horse, Will chose him anyways. From the start they connected, and their friendship grew. The day Will returned from escorting the Queen to another castle, he found Hosanna very ill and suffering. Will never left Hosanna's side, and prayed and tried everything he could to make Hosanna feel better. I think that right there is a picture perfect friendship.

During this book Will's horse, Hosanna, goes missing. The person that has them is Kamil. Kamil is a Saracen, Will, Gavin, and Sir Thomas's enemy. Kamil has 10 horses in his possession, including Hosanna. Saladin, Kamil's foster parent, makes Kamil give the horses to Richard so that Saladin and Richard can fight to the death. Unfortunately, Hosanna gets shot by an arrow. Kamil, Gavin, and William all stop fighting, and try to save Hosanna. Everybody put aside their religious differences, and tried to save Hosanna. After a groom is sent to Saladin to try and save Hosanna. After Hosanna is saved, Kamil leaves the Holy land, and joins Will and Gavin back to England. Kamil becomes friends with Will. From wanting to kill every Christian alive, to putting aside his differences to get along with the people he hates, to save a horse. When he became friends with Will, that was a very unsuspected friendship.

One last friendship that occurred in this book was between Gavin, and Ellie. At the beginning of the book, Ellie did not like Gavin at all. She didn't like him because of what he did the Hosanna. She was arranged to marry Gavin, so that Gavin could inherit her family's land. At the end of the book, Gavin comes home from the Holy land, and King Richard promotes him to the count of Hartslove castle. Gavin then marries Ellie. The two of them become the best of friends, despite from when they were younger, and Ellie could not stand Gavin.

How the themes relate..

At the beginning of the book Will, Gavin and Baha Adin went through some very hard times. Through those hard times friendships were made. Will met Hosanna, and the two of them had a bond that lasted forever. Gavin eventually made friends with Eliie, and they got married. Kamil, from his revenge driven rage, forgot all about his revenge and hate, and became friends from his enemies. Sometimes you have to go through hard time to get to the good ones. And unsuspecting friends could become the best people you have ever met.