true beauty

what you see is different from what others see

what makes a person truly beautiful?

beauty is the opposite of perfection, its about confidence, charisma and character, in my words beauty is when you truly except you're beautiful, and not care what everyone wants you to look like

how might I grow and change in the future into the person God wants me to be?

i can change by respecting and loving myself and helping others to believe they are truly beautiful,

'' 'beautiful' has nothing to do with looks. its how you are as a person and how you make others feel about themselves''

how others see you, is not important, how you see yourself, means everything

what do you see in the mirror? what do others see you like?

when some people look in the mirror they see something that isn't beautiful, because society has an image of what people are supposed to look like, and they hurt others who don't look like it. but those people don't really matter in your life, because the people who do think you are truly beautiful

why does societys image of beauty matter so much?

a lot of people feel insecure about there bodies because they, want to be like the image society wants them to be, but that image could be far from what most people are even capable of so why is there even an image, its so boring when everyone looks the same.