Una Pacific 10

A special time is coming soon!

The location of this year’s ride will once again..ten times again be the Deschutes River Trail. This trail has become one of our favorites over the last decade and I think we might have figured out how to get us all back. The ride itself takes about 3 hours, allowing plenty of time to stop and see the sights and photo ops. We will follow the beautiful Deschutes River and along the way see obsidian lava flows, as well as Benham Falls and Dillon Falls. The terrain is "unique" to the high desert of Central Oregon and flows fairly easy with a few technical sections to switch things up a bit and make it interesting. We will of course wind our way down to Bend and meet up with family and friends at “The Lodge” for Victory Lunch and brew. If you are in need of a bike for the ride, located in Sunriver, there is a shop that rents, you guessed it...bikes (both front suspension or full suspension for those who desire). Check out their website, click on the link below. Remember to bring a helmet and them tiny little bike shorts that you all like to wear. We will wear our authentic Una Pacific riding jerseys in mass so you can represent in the forest and keep as a memento of your wonderful experience. Between a nice shirt and lycra we are sure to be noticed!

The excitement is building!!

$$ for the McNary #25 folks

Costs below include lodging in beautiful Sunriver and includes food (mostly).

Communal food includes most meals, snacky snacks (day of the ride at the Lodge not included). We have some great ideas for our large family style meals, probably will include the night we get there pizza, bbq and perhaps our traditional Southern Oregon Steak and Cheese Sandwiches or the (SOSC). Beer and liquor will be additional.

House and Food

$200 per adult

$50 per kid

Quick Math:

Richardson = $450

Woods = $450

Green = $400

Single Dudes = $200 each

Shirts (see jersey information below)

$22 adults each

$12 kids each

Another example:

Richardson = $450 (house and food) + $56 (shirts: two adults one kid shirt) = $506

Pay to the order of Betsy Martin-Richardson

Una Pacific 10

Thursday, June 18th, 4pm to Monday, June 22nd, 11am

Sunriver, Oregon, United States Mcnary #25

Una Pacific 10: Sponsored by Fatguy Biking

Fat Guy Biking is not really much of anything. It is my idea, a movement started to emphasize that mountain biking is not just for those fitness fa- natics whose goal is to be first to the top while scoffing at their fellow, perhaps fatter and less fanatical, brethren because we only slow them down. Instead, Fat Guy Biking embraces the less fit, infrequent biker and adopts the motto: “We’ll ride... as long as there is beer waiting for us at the end!” Fat Guy Biking does not require membership or a secret handshake, just an understanding that it’s important to have fun, take your time (much longer for some, and hey that’s ok) and only then can those who ride have their beer and drink it too!

Salud! My Friends, Salud!

The Jersey

The shirt this year is one to be worn with much pride. It holds supernatural powers to be unleashed over tall mountains, ensuring safe descents among the rocks, roots and moon dust of Central Oregon. And most im- portant, the low tech fabric will absorb the stink, another great souvenir.

This year's shirt is to commemorate the 10th running of Una Pacific. As if we needed more, this year's jersey will eternally enshrine the NAIA National Championship brought home from the alma mater that matters, the blessed Southern Oregon State College, home of the Red Raider which defeated Marian College to the tune of 55-31! Just like the Raiders this shirt is a winner! ‘Tis a bit cool in the mornings high atop of the Cascades, so the long sleeve will come in handy on the ride.

A blast from Una Pacific past

Una 9

The Red Raider Invitational System

The Building of the Red Raider Invitational Criteria... (how it all came to be...reprinted from Una Pacific 2 newletter for the masses, time to dust off our story)

As mentioned before Una Pacific 0 and Una Pacific 1 ended at the Cascade Lakes Brewery in Bend. After the ride in 2006, as we sat and enjoyed our accomplishment and each others’ stench we were met by our families and ordered up some grub and brew. As we became happier people, did I mention the wonderful brew, 20" Brown is a classic after ride tradition! The discussion moved toward planning for the future of mankind. My brother-in-law Matt and I began to get a little outrageous and not even the World Cup finals between Italy and France (Go Italia!) could distract the flow of gibberish of how we wanted this ride to be. Because Matt and I are both Southern Oregon State College/University alum, we thought, it would maybe make Una Pacific a lot more meaningful if we could weave that little piece of pride into it. Well we did, and on that day, there were not enough napkins available to record the bi-laws spewed forth from our pie holes. Needless to say, our wives were very proud to be with us that day!! But we got it all out of our systems and when we later looked at the battered and torn carnage of paper, usually meant for wiping greasy fingers and lips we recognized that it was all good!! We had created something truly inspired!

What does this mean to you? In order to take part in an Una Pacific event, you must be, 1) a graduate of Southern Oregon State College/University, or 2) receive a special invitation

from an alum of the fine institution nestled in the armpit of the Rogue Valley. In simple terms we created the Red Raider Invitational Criteria to ensure those selected to participate have the desire and ability to live by the Fat Guy Biking motto. By receiving this letter, you my friend have been chosen!

We will see you soon! Viva!