The Final Stretch

Bruin Press May 12, 2020 Edition

St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic School

The guiding philosophy of St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic School is to recognize the individual spiritual moral and intellectual needs of each student in an atmosphere rich in Catholic truths and values. We are committed to academic excellence by providing a challenging curriculum with high expectations for success. We consider it essential to teach the student to live in accordance with the spiritual, moral and ethical principal exemplified in the life of Christ.


See further details on events by scrolling down to "Dates and Details."

Tuesday, May 12 - Thursday, May 14th - SBS Book Fair (only 3 days left)

Thursday, May 14th - 7 PM - SBS Faith Group Zoom Meeting

Tuesday, May 19th - 6:00 PM, Church - Reconciliation (for Confirmands)

Wednesday, May 20th - Last Day of School for 8th Grade

Thursday, May 21st - 6:30 PM, Church - 8th Grade Graduation

Monday, May 25th - Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, May 26th - Last Day of School for PreK3 - 7th Grade

Tuesday, May 26th - 7:00 PM, Church - Confirmation

Wednesday, May 27th - Friday, May 29th - Clean Out Days


SBS Faith Discussion Group Zoom Meeting - Thursday, May 14th

Missed the first meeting last week? That's OK - join in this week for an enriching discussion on Divine Mercy. All parents and faculty are welcome - no RSVP needed.

To join, please see the Zoom Meeting ID and Password in the email from Mother Servant (sent May 6th), or contact Mother Servant at

SBS Book Fair is Winding Down!

The Scholastic Book Fair closes Thursday, May 14th. Online shopping is available until then, and all book-only orders over $25 will ship free to the shipping address that you designate. Please support the Book Fair and SBS library by clicking below and buying some books!


Coronavirus Updates

Please see the following for updated information on the reopening plans for our parish, based on the April 27th state guidelines and the Bishop's Decree issued April 29th.

SBS Reopening Announcements

This information and much more, including the Bishop's Decree and upcoming calendar, is also available on the St. Bernard of Clairvaux Parish website.

Fall Athletic Registration

Currently, the DPL is asking all schools to proceed with fall sports registration as normal, knowing that changes may need to be made over time. Therefore, if your child is interested in playing any fall sports (volleyball, football, flag football, and cross country), you must register by May 30th. No money is required at this time, but we do need the registration form for team headcount and equipment planning. The physical form will need to be completed prior to the first practice.

See the links below for further information about fall sports, as well as the registration form and physical form.

Fall Sports Information

Fall Sports Registration Form

SBS Physical Form

In addition, volunteer coaches are needed for 2020-2021. If you have any interest in helping out as a coach or assistant coach, please contact Coach Weaver at or 214-321-2897 ext 114.

Finally, Coach Weaver is looking for DPL sports pictures from this past year for the yearbook, so if you took some great pictures during your kid's game, now is the time to hunt them down and send them to Coach Weaver at

Virtue of the Month - Zeal

Last week we explained the definition of ZEAL - great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective. In religious terms, zeal is manifested by an impelling desire to advance the glory of God by making him better known and loved. We have no better example of someone who demonstarted this virtue of ZEAL than the Patron Saint of our School and Parish, ST. BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX.

ST BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX was a French Abbot. He founded numerous monasteries, composed a number of works, and undertook many journeys for the honor of God. He is known as one of the founders of the Cistercian order of monks and leader of the crusades. Today his writings still guide spiritual lives not only of the order he made famous, the Cistercians, but of men and women in all walks of life. What Bernard is remembered for today, more than his reforming zeal and zealous crusade preaching, is his mystical writings. His best known work is On Loving God, in which he states his purpose at the beginning: "You wish me to tell you why and how God should be loved. My answer is that God himself is the reason he is to be loved."

To read some of his writings you can download one of his books Here.



The “Catholic Netflix” FORMED has inspiring movies and video-based studies, audio talks, and e-books from the Church's most compelling speakers and authors, and we now have free access through our Parish! Please be sure to re-subscribe under our Parish name to get free access.

These are the instructions to download.

Order Your Yearbook Now

Don't forget to place your yearbook order before June 1, 2020. You can order online by going to and entering 13740920 for the Yearbook ID Code. Cost is $30.



Have you been able to figure out most of the Bruin Cubs yet? We have a few more for you to guess, and then we'll be providing the answers in next week's newsletter.

Thank you, parents, for sharing your 2020 Bruin Cub pics with us.

Bruin Cub #14

This Bruin Cub has attended SBS for 10 years, since PreK. His favorite sport is football, and his favorite subject is math. Mr. Gerecke is his favorite teacher. His first day of school is his favorite memory because that was the first time he met all his buds that he still has today. His last vacation was a trip to Chicago. At SBS, he has been involved in many sports (football, basketball, soccer), and is a member of NJHS. Who am I?

Bruin Cub #15

This Bruin Cub has attended SBS since kindergarten. His favorite subject is social studies and his favorite teacher is Mr. McCormick. His favorite SBS memory is attending the Pines in 5th grade, and being elected president of Student Council. His favorite sport is cross county, and he loves camping, hiking, and fishing. His last vacation was skiing in Colorado; his favorite vacation was sailing a 42 foot sailboat in the US Virgin Islands. He has been a part of Student Council, NJHS, the SBS Basketball and Cross County Teams, and Boy Scouts. Who am I?

Bruin Cub #16

This Bruin Cub has attended SBS for 3 years, and his favorite subjects are history and science. His favorite teacher is Mr. McCormick. He likes to play basketball and ride his bike. He also loves animals, and likes to be funny. His favorite food is zesty ham and cheddar pizza. He is a very sweet and caring young man. Who am I?

Bruin Cub #17

This Bruin Cub has been attending SBS for 4 ½ years. His favorite teacher is Mr. Gerecke and his favorite sport is soccer. He has a dimple on his cheek. He is also a member of Student Council. Who am I?


BL Summer Camps

NEW! Virtual Camp Clubhouse - We hope to proceed with Summer at Bishop Lynch’s much-loved summer camps as planned, but we will also debut an extra virtual experience for your kindergarten through eighth-grade students during June and July.

The new Virtual Camp Clubhouse will bring the best of BL’s summer camps straight to you! With an all-access family pass for just $129, you can get both recorded videos and live streaming instruction throughout the summer months. You can access more information on their website.


Prayer for the Home:

Reflecting on the Resurrection in Scripture and Art - This beautiful resource contains Scripture passages that can be read throughout the Easter season, coupled with images to color for younger children. They are inspired by the stunning mosaics at Centro Aletti in Rome.


Last week, we honored our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week with sweet messages and treats. On Friday, Mrs. Senecal announced April's Christian Witness Awards for Justice. And Friday concluded with the celebration of May Crowning, as a combination of a live and virtual event. In attendance were Fr. Gaston and several 8th graders, who led everyone in praying the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. Following the Rosary, 8th grade students Alexa and Jack crowned Mary as Queen. The ceremony was shown live on Zoom and on facebook, so all could be in attendance. What a beautiful coronation of our Mother Mary!
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