Legalization of Marijuana

By: Dylan (Dj) McDaniel

Should Medical Marijuana be Legalized?

Medical marijuana should be legalized because science shows that it kills cancer cells and it could prevent cancer, It also doesn't make you sick like chemotherapy.

About Marijuana

Marijuana has petitioned to be legal for a while now. The states California and Colorado have already legalized medical marijuana for medical usage. Since then people have been wanting the federal of marijuana to be lifted. It was 2010 when the government started realizing the weed is more good for you then bad. Berry sanders wants to lift the federal Prohibition on weed, but I don't think he will win the votes.


Although studies say that marijuana can kill brain cells it's at a very slow rate. Marijuana can attack caner cells as fast as they can form so being on medical marijuana for only a certain period of time to make cancer better is way better than keeping a very few un-needed brain cells.
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How does marijuana help people?

"science views marijuana as medicine", science shows that marijuana can be medicine because of how it helps the immune system because it fights off cancer cells

What are scientist researching about marijuana?

In her article Yardena Schwartz says "Despite the fact that the U.S. has a $3 billion—and growing—medical marijuana industry, the government continues to block scientific study of the drug." So now scientist can't even research on marijuana because the government blocked funds.

Whats bad about marijuana?

In her article Morgan Manella says "Weed-related emergency room visits are on the rise in Colorado since voters approved the legalization of retail marijuana in 2012 and sales began in 2014. And these incidents are increasing more dramatically among out-of-state visitors." When people are under the influence of marijuana they make stupid decisions causing them to get hurt or even worse. So making marijuana recreational would not be good, but if medical use was available then the government could make laws about what you do when you use it like drinking and driving for alcohol.