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Friday, December 11, 2016

Professional Learning Communities

Next semester we will take a more in-depth look at the professional learning community and the components that help to make it more effective for all teachers. The necessary components of an effective PLC are:

Lesson Design
  • Assessments to be considered when thinking about TEKS to be taught
  • Planning for the needs of all learners
  • Purposeful scaffolding for learners to meet objectives
  • Account for all needed aspects for a lesson
  • Considers how to link learning from one lesson to another
  • Whole picture look at instruction

4 PLC Questions

  • What do students need to know and be able to do?
  • How will we know that they have learned it?
  • What will we do when they haven’t learned it?
  • What will we do when they already know it?

Data Analysis

    • Provides teachers with accurate and timely feedback of student progress on readiness and supporting standards, and processes
    • Specifically pinpoints the gaps in student learning
    • Identifies root causes for students not mastering learning goals

    Allows teachers accurately assess student needs, plan and implement targeted, customized, instruction in order to the meet the needs of ALL students


  • Analyzing what went well in a lesson and sharing tips that made it successful.
  • Discussing past procedures and modifying to fit the needs of the teachers and students
  • Using student samples to discuss next steps

Targeted Intervention

  • Hot lists
  • Tutoring times attached to specific skills
  • Post-assessments when possible to see student progress
  • Lessons tied to TEKS at the appropriate level required by those TEKS

Data Analysis Update for 2016 Spring Semester

The current status of data analysis is DAR Light. DAR Light is a tool that uploads to your desk top exactly like DAR tools. DAR light compiles data for district CBAs for the purpose of data analysis through PLCs. DAR LIGHT instructions may be accessed using the link below.


Guaranteed to be Relaxing and Fun!

Social Studies Semester Exams

WHAT: Social Studies Semester Exams/December 2015

WHEN: Testing window: December 14‐18, 2015

All scanning must be completed by: December 18 by 2:00 p.m.

Scan sheets will be delivered by December 10

MODIFIED TESTS – There are no modified tests for these assessments. Students may be given allowable accommodations and supplemental aides as identified in their IEP for state assessments.

HOW: Students must be given the test noted on his/her scan sheet in order to be scored correctly. If a student has received an incorrect scan sheet, a new one must be created for the correct test.

Regarding ESL students: Please fill in the “1st Year Immigrant” bubble on the bottom of these students’ scan sheets if applicable.

Students should be instructed not to make stray marks on the Barcode at the bottom of their scan sheets. Marks in this area will INVALIDATE the scan sheet and result in NO SCORE on the assessment.