You Are Now Enrolled in doTERRA!!

See below for pertinent information.


You are now enrolled with doTERRA Essential Oils! I hope you soon have many of your own “Oh, my word!” moments from using them. Here are some details regarding your enrollment:

Your Personal Details

Your IPC (Independent Product Consultant) Number: 84916

Your temporary password: 123456

You will want to go into your virtual office to put in your own personal password. Get to your virtual office by going to Enter your IPC number on the top line and your temporary password on the bottom line. Then across the top find where it says “My Office Settings.” Under that is “password.” Enter your temporary one on the top line, and then enter your chosen password twice.

Your Online Store

Your online store that you can send others to is at If you want to try for a different name, go into your virtual office and, again at the top, look for “My Online Store.” Under “settings” there is a place at the bottom where you can type in a different name if you want to see if it is available. If you are happy with what it is now, you don’t have to worry about it.

Order Numbers and Totals

The initial enrollment order number is 123456 and the total was $123.45

Your loyalty reward order number was 654321 and the total was $111.11 . Your ship date is the 8th.

If you want to edit your loyalty reward order, from your virtual office, select the big tab that says “Shop.” Toward the right is a place that addresses your Loyalty Reward Order. There you can click on your template number and then your order opens up. You may edit the billing address, shipping address, credit card, e-mail, ship date, and then most importantly, the items you want to receive. Please give me or your enroller a call so we can help you fully understand how to make edits. Remember that you have until midnight the day before your ship date to make edits.

Please let me know any questions you may have. I also am happy to do a class for you sometime if you so desire.

Take care!


Introduction to doTERRA Essential Oils