Portica Rita

Larry Gage R2


Name of civilization: Portica Rita

My civilization is located in the continent of South America

My civilization is located in the country of :Argentina

Absolute location: 34.6033 S 58..3817 W

Relative location:

Samborombon Bay is North East of Portica Rita

La Pampa is South West of Portica Rita

San Luls is North West of Portica Rita

My civilization is located in:

Northern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere


Amazon River

Grass Land

Salado River

Most common natural disaster: Earthquakes , Volcanic Eruption


Annual Rainfall : 38.

Growing Season: October thru November

Natural Vegetation: Cactuses, Flowers and Bushes

Land Use: Cattle. Manufacturing and industry

· Population: 2.965 million

Create a map of your civilization. Insert an image or create a diagram in the space below.

Map of Buenos Aire

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Did your civilization design or invent something? What was it

  • Ballpoint Pen - Ladislao José Biró

  • The Animated Film - Quirino Cristiani

  • The Argentine Dogo - Antonio and Agustin Nores Martínez

  • The Artificial Heart - Domingo Santo Liotta

What type of writing does your civilization use?


What makes your civilization unique compared to others?

Humor such as in their comic strips and in their jokes.

What traditions does your civilization have?

  • El Dia de Tradicion

  • El Carnaval del Pal

  • La Revolucion de Mayo

What holidays does your civilization celebrate?

What language does your civilization speak?


Alphabet of my language

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Ranks of Citzens

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What type of money does your civilization use?

Abagens - $2.00

Natagen -$6.00

Deagen - $ 11.00

Edagen - $21.00

Laagen - $26.00

Moaage - $51.00

Yuaagen -$100.00

What type of good(s) does your civilization have supply of?

  • Corn

  • Apple

  • Orges

  • Candy Canes

  • Hamburger Meat

  • Pork Meat

What type of good(s) is your civilization in demand for?

  • Pork Meat

  • Hamburger Meat

  • Galaxy S6

  • Dell two and One

Do you have any goods in surplus? If so, what are they?

  • Corn

  • Hamburger Meat

What is your civilization scarce of?

  1. Apples

  2. Oranges

How do you trade/barter with other civilizations?

We have a building on the Samborombon Bay.

What kinds of jobs are available for your citizens?

Senior Web Developer

Senior Ruby Developer

Senior Android Developer/Lead

Clinical Research Assistant

Sr. Clinical Research Associate

Account Manager

Senior Account Manager Hotels

Editorial Project Manager