Visiting home this weekend?

1940 and Peabody Clothing Swap Sun, Feb. 21 from 12pm-6pm!

Bring your old clothes from home to the clothing swap!

The 1940 and Peabody community council will be hosting a clothing swap and drive for all of our residents! You can bring old clothes and shoes you don't wear anymore and exchange them for other clothes brought down by residents (sort of like an thrift store but free!). All extra clothes will be donated to a good cause!

This event will be held in the 1940 2nd Floor MPR! Now is the perfect time to back clothes you don't wear anymore when you visit home and make sure they're put to use!

*we request that residents wash clothing before exchanging it. Please no under garments or intimates*

Clothing Swap and Drive!

Sunday, Feb. 21st, 12-6pm

2nd Floor MPR in 1940