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Saturday, March 9th, 2019

There is no school on Friday, March 15th. It is a Superintendent's Conference day!


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We are through the first two sections of the Module 5. You will find the first two Topic Quizzes in your child's Friday Folder. We have spent the week comparing fractions. Between this week and next week, the kids will have several strategies in their tool box. So far, they can consider how a fraction relates to benchmarks like 1/2, 1, 1 1/2, and 2. In that process, they have had to change improper fractions into mixed numbers. Next week we'll work on converting to like numerators so they can think of an equal number of pieces, but the size of the pieces will come into play. Or they can convert to like denominators. Most 4th graders really like that option because then the numerator dictates how the fractions are ordered. Kids are working hard!

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ The children took the module 4 assessment this week. They should have brought it home for a parent signature. If your child would like to make corrections, they have a half blue sheet with the guidelines. All signed tests and corrections are due on Monday. Yesterday we started module 5 which is our fraction unit. It is a long unit and will last a few months. During that time, students will learn how to find equivalent fractions, compare, add and subtract both fractions and mixed numbers. Our first few lessons were on decomposing fractions.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We have spent the past couple of weeks getting deep into module 4. The kids have been learning about lines, line segments, rays, and types of angles. In addition this week we learned how to use a circle and half circle protractor to measure and draw angles. We took both the topic A and topic B quiz. They should be in your child's Friday folder today. Next week we will be talking about adjacent angles and how to determine the measurement of an adjacent angle without the use of a protractor. I hope to finish up this module by late next week or early the following week. After this module we will move into one on fractions.

Yearbook Orders

Yearbook order forms are in Friday Folders. All orders are due by April 8th.

March Book Orders

Orders will be available on Monday. All orders will be due Monday, March 18th.


We have been working with magnets this week. The kids worked in small groups to make predictions about a bunch of "test" items. After separating into two categories, those that will stick and those that won't, they went through and tested. Many were surprised that the aluminum foil didn't stick, but the black rock did. Induced magnetism was another topic! The kids were able to see a nail stuck to a magnet and then the nail picked up a paperclip! They did think that was cool. Finally, we worked to break the force. Be sure to ask your 4th grader about that experiment.


PAWS - Assignment #11 was assigned in class on Friday. It is due on Monday, March 18th. This task is related to social studies. Was it more challenging to be a colonial child or a child in 2019??? I can't wait to read these!

Picture Book Friday - Mallory entertained the class on Friday. We are going to need a boy for this Thursday.

Social Studies - We are just about finished learning about colonial life. The next step is to learn about the causes of the Revolutionary War.

Big picture


4C will begin swimming for PE starting the week of March 25th. I will send home a detailed calendar when we get a little bit closer. I'm really hoping we are on our way to Spring, but one snow day in the mix will throw the whole calendar off.


Kids will need to be prepared with instruments on Wednesday for lessons and Thursday for ensembles.