Room 603

September Newsletter

Message From Ms. Lawson


I can't believe we're already in the month of September. Before you know it, the end of the year will be here! There has been so many fun things happening at the SUPER HERO HEADQUARTERS that I must share. Please take the time to review what's happening in room 603. Have a wonderful day!!


Please join me in celebrating our August and September Birthday!! London Moore 8/12, Lorelei Smith 8/17, Jack Berberena 9/4, and Israel Hernandez 9/9. Happy Birthday!! I'll have a classroom birthday celebration for these students at the end of the month.

Super Student:

Every week, I choose one student who has demonstrated exceptional behavior in all areas throughout the previous week. This choice is always so hard because I have such an AWESOME group of students!! The following students have been Super Students of the week: Smith Olmstead, Lorelei Smith, Finn McGreevy, and London Moore.


This is just a reminder that Barnett Shoals is moving towards a healthy school. This means that all snacks should be considered " healthy". I'm not a stickler on what students bring, but I would like to request that parents do not send in " Hot" chips. This includes, but is not limited to Hot Cheetos, Takies, and Hot fries.

- I've noticed that some students do not have snacks and I always feel bad because we do have such a late lunch. I have a couple items I keep in case a student needs a snack, but I would truly appreciate donations of snacks.

Thanks in Advance

Mother son/ Father Daughter Dance

Barnett Shoals is having a Mother Son/ Father Daughter Dance in May. I'm over the Public Relations committee. I'm in need of some enthusiastic parents to help me with this event. Please contact me if you're interested.

Agent 603

Room 603 has a PET!! This year the class is happy to have Agent 603 as a pet. The students are so thrilled that they take really great care of him. Every week two students are responsible for feeding agent 603 and making sure he's at his best. This way he can be ready to perform his superhero duties.
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What We're Learning?


This month we're focusing on Place Value, Rounding, 3-digit addition and subtraction. I feel that Rounding has been a bit of an obstacle for us so if you could, I would truly appreciate it if you practice this skill with your child . I'll send home practice sheets and links later in the week.


This month we're incorporating the striving readers' method of teaching reading. In reading we'll read a variety of books some of them we'll be shared reading while others are interactive readings. If you would like a list of the books we have read, I would be glad to send them to you.


This week in writing we're working on opinion pieces. It's always exciting to see students get excited about writing. By the end of 3rd grade my hope is to have all student please work me by encouraging your student to write/ type.

Social Studies/ Science:

We're finishing up our unit on Paul Revere. In the next couple weeks we will cover map skills then rocks and minerals.


I will attempt to send home grades every Wednesday, but I'm currently creating student portfolios for each student that will include all digital assignments/ tests/ and grades. I'll begin to share those portfolios as I create them.


I collect homework every Friday. Please make sure your student is completing the assignments. I understand that at times things pop up and students aren't able to complete their homework, if they do please feel free to contact me and we'll come up with an alternative assignment. I do have a homework club celebration for all of the students who have completed their homework for the entire month.

Barnett Shoals Room 603

If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me. I love to snap pictures and capture learning moments. Please be aware that this Newsletter in not PUBLIC. Only individuals with a link can access this letter. If you're uncomfortable with your student's name or picture being in a newsletter please let me know.