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What workers do/ working conditions.

What the workers will do is learn how to read x ray pictures, and how to give the right amount of medication to an animal. also workers will learn how different muscles and tissues work and to fix them if the are ever damaged. Working conditions will be clean and sanitary no messy desks of work areas. We need these areas to be clean if we bring animals in incase of transmitting diseases to the healthy animals.

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Training and education needed.

You will need your Veterinarian Degree from college in order to be a Vet. Otherwise you will need your Vet Tech degree in order to give medicine, conduct x rays, help in surgery ect... If you do not have the proper training you will not be able to work as a Vet or a Vet Tech. You will need 4-8 years of college in order to receive the opportunity to work as a Vet or a Vet Tech.

Earnings ans Expected job prospects.

Your earnings depend on your level of degree if you are a vet it ranges from 8-6 thousand dollars and if your your a vet tech it ranges from 5-3 thousand dollars. If you expect a lot you will have to give a lot of work ethic into this job. If you just show up to show up it probably wont help you with your money and you will costumers. If you do sloppy and don't pay attention in school you will more than likely kill or over dose an animal in surgery or just in its daily or monthly check ups. So you need to have a good work ethic in order to be the best you have to strive to be the best. You will also need to be able to work and various animals not just cats and dogs.