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April 2017

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My 3D Printing "Wow" Moment

A few years ago I was fortunate to obtain a small 3D printer from the tech center. When I first got it, I knew very little about it and started to do a lot of research on it. Through research and help from others, I discovered a site called Thingiverse which allows anyone to search and download pretty much any design. After the download, I would run it through my 3D printer program and print it off. Amazing! The first time I saw this, my eyes were glued to the printer as I watched it create my item.

After a while of using Thingiverse, I felt that my experience would be even better if I could create my own design. Through some research and training, I came across Tinkercad. Tinkercad is a very child-friendly site that allows anyone to create 3D designs. Using this program, I was able to design a house and print it right before my eyes. I have used this many times and have shown students at many grade levels how to use this program. 3D printing comes to a whole new level when you are the one designing your print.

Here comes the "WOW" moment. I am not sure how I figured this out, but I saw an app that said you could 3D print drawings that you drew on paper. After looking into this app called Makerbot PrintShop, it claimed that you could draw on white paper with a black sharpie, scan it through the app, and print it off. Through some trial and error, I printed off my first sketch and it was like nothing I have ever done before. I was shocked that I could 3D print my own drawings within a matter of minutes. I then realized that 3D printing is not just for the STEM classes, but this could be used with preschool students.

The thumbnail image is a picture of a red 3D printed fish hook that I hand drew on paper. The orange hook is the original wooden hook that broke. Instead of looking on the internet for a new one, I found it quite simple to draw and print it.

*This app only works with Makerbot Printers, but with some workarounds, it may be able to be used on other printers. See me for details on this.

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