Doc Scibs

Peripatetic Instructor

Students Perplexed

Ever wonder if your teacher has a real life?

Do teachers simply appear at first bell, and disappear when school lights extinguish?

Doctor of Religious Studies - Marquette University, Seton Hall University (Educational Technology), Princeton Theological Seminary, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, Rutgers University in Newark

Historian of Religion in America with attention to Catholic Social Ethics

Educational Technology: Instructional and Curricular Design

Collaborative Author:

Professing in the PostModern Academy

Mentoring for Mission

Biographical Dictionary of Christian Theologians

Learned Piety: Education for Justice and the Common Good in Jesuit SecondaryEducation

  1. Dominic P. Scibilia1,
  2. Patrick Giamario2and
  3. Michael Rogers3

Ever Wonder?

Frequently students and parents seem surprised to find out that teachers have lives outside of our classrooms. Somehow my credibility deepens when students discover that I attended schools, worked summer jobs, dated, travelled, married - that I am someone's Dad and now Grandpa. This webpage tells the students and parents of Prep something more about Doc Scibs than the teacher that I am- the something more that adds dimension and depth to the mentor who accompanies the boys at Prep as they become young men of social conscience, citizens in global squares and marketplaces.