Grade 6 Extended


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IPC- Champions of Change

Personal Goal - RESPECT

To consider and understand the needs of others around me, people around the world living things and the environment

Key Learning Goals

Geography - Be able to use a variety of sources to gather geographical questions

International - Be able to identify how the lives of people in one country or group are effected by the activities of other countries and groups.


Through our Service trip to Telunas we will have the opportunity to work with children our age and younger, from another country for mutual benefit. Together we will learn English and Bahasa. We will all our combined energy and perseverance to build a playground, which the children in Chengkai will utilise all year around.

In class we will investigate the different styles of governments around the world today and from the past. Our leadership focus on famous Champions for Change will immerse each child in international leaders from the past like Lee Kuan Yew, Abraham Lincoln, Emmeline Pankhurst and Steve Jobs. Through these studies we will gain an insight into the power of good governing and leadership on all people on our planet.

IPC Champions of Change

This exciting unit gives the children the opportunity to enhance their Leadership and Service skills. Firstly, the attention will be on leadership. The children will research great leaders, specifically identifying what characteristics made each one so inspiring. This learning will be used as we prepare to run for House Captains. Finally, we will be preparing for our expedition to Telunas and our two day Service project in a local school. Our goal is to give the school a major face lift, raising funds to cement the playground which becomes unplayable after a heavy shower of rain. Also, we will begin an Art project linking our Virtues and the learning of Bahasa. Our hope is to inspire the children to come to a school, which they are proud of each day.

Children of Chengkai School

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Language Arts

Over the next six week the children will look at Persuasive writing and Balanced Arguments. Our knowledge, skills and understanding of persuasion writing will be vital as we plan, write and deliver our House Captain speeches. Through immersing ourselves in a range of quality persuasive texts and watching inspirational speeches, the children will gather ideas to write their own speech. Most importantly, the children will have the opportunity to enhance their speaking and listening skills, through helping each other with how we deliver our speeches.

The children will utilise their debating skills through our Balanced Arguments focus. In this topic we will need to think about what other people's views might be regarding important topics in our school community. Each argument we put forward will need a counter argument. It promises a huge amount of interesting debating!

Through our reading we begin to prepare for our Suspense Writing by reading a collection of intriguing child suspense texts. Malorie Blackman is our focused author with 'Operation Gadgetmen', 'Dangerous Reality' and 'Antidote' part of our reading collection. 'Mystery on the London Eye' completes our gripping tales which are sure to stimulate great conversations in our reading groups.


All the data from our end of term mathematical test has been gathered and analysised. Over the first three weeks, time will be dedicated to hitting targets set from the test and teacher assessments.

Also, the children will continue to work on:

1) ‘Speed’, moving on to more complicated problem-solving.

Thereafter, they will start to:

2) find the circumference of a circle given its radius or diameter.

3) find the perimeter of a semicircle or a quadrant.

4) find the perimeter of a figure related to rectangles, squares, triangles, circles, semicircles and quadrants.

5) find the area of a circle given its radius or diameter.

6) find the area of a semicircle or a quadrant.

7) find the area of a figure related to rectangles, squares, triangles, circles, semicircles and quadrants.

8) read, interpret and analyse the information (whole numbers/fractions/angles) displayed in pie charts.

All these will be the exciting topics that the children will be exploring this Easter term


Music & Advertising – This Unit explores music as a powerful tool used in media to bring about a lasting impression when accompanied with a moving image, for example, in advertisements. The pupils will learn to develop their listening and appraising skills relating to sounds that accompany images. They will create their own compositions in smaller groups using various musical elements to accompany an image, an event or a chosen product. In this Unit, the following will be included:

  • Listening and Appraising
  • Group composition
  • Using musical elements effectively
  • Discover how sounds can affect emotions


In Art, we will be linking to the classroom unit titled Champions for Change. We will be exploring Graphic Design and how to communicate a message to an audience through a collaborative artwork to be completed in Telunas based on the Virtues. Children will become knowledgeable about the basic guidelines of designing posters including the use of typography.To help us with these projects, we will develop the technical skills of generating ideas and designs as well as applying the principles of balance, unity and variety to our artwork.


In Grade 6 ICT will be all about Chromebooks and Google Apps. We will start the term off with a blitz project creating House Captains Election campaign videos on Chromebooks using the WeVideo app. We will then move into the world of Google Apps for Education, learning how we can use Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slides, Forms, Drawings and Sites apps to gather, organize and exchange information, enhance and augment our learning, and collaborate effectively.

Students will become more knowledgeable about:

  • Google Apps for Education suite of applications, including Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides

  • Effective ways to communicate and collaborate in the digital world

  • Chromebook computers and their use in education

To help us with this project, we will develop the technical skills of:

  • Working with files and folders in Google Drive

  • Creating, editing and sharing Docs, Sheets and Slides and working collaboratively in Google Drive


This term we plan to strengthen communication skills and deepen relationships with parents. Students will participate in a workshop on “ Knowing what to say and do if you want your parents to make a change.” Skills the students will practice include:-

· Using a positive sandwich to make a request and choosing a good time to talk

· Thinking through and explaining the pros and cons of a situation and proposing solutions

· Compromising for a better solution

In group presentations, students will practice these skills on common scenarios including:-

· Choosing one’s clothes

· Preventing parents from barging into one’s room

· Wanting to go out with friends

Some students were asked to take the perspective of the parents in the skits and everyone reflected on how making requests based on needs versus wants would affect parental responses.

Also, this Easter term, students will develop further skills in personal development and cultivating better relationships. Topics include: perception and seeing possibilities, being rich, treasuring my family, strategies to handle strong emotions, bullying and working things out in friendship hotspots and collaborative teamwork. As always, the pace and scope of the lessons will be adjusted to ensure that students have opportunities to develop the skills of reflection and discern how to act when making moral decisions.

Physical Education

In Grade 6 students will be taking part in an extended Invasion Games Unit, focusing on Basketball and Netball. They will also be continuing their Grade 6 Swimming programme which continues either before or after CNY.

In swimming activities students will:

· develop power and endurance in arm and leg action in the full range of swimming strokes and be able to identify strengths and weaknesses in own and others’ performance

· Use effective breathing technique and body position to aid speed and efficiency in the water

· be able to show a range of starts and finishes with improved efficiency, including racing starts and tumble turns

· Enter the water using a range of appropriate methods

· Develop knowledge of and be able to articulate water safety and survival techniques

Respond to survival emergencies appropriately

· In Invasion Games students will:

Develop and refine their understanding of attack and defence, including man-to-man and zone marking

Adopt a number of different positions and use skills effectively in these positions using a range of skills to lose players

Refine passing and catching skills to improve consistency, power and direction of pass

Outwit opponents by using width and space on court

Understand rules and be able to confidently officiate peers during competitive play.


In Chinese, we will be working on:

Unit 5 Occupations

· Learn different occupations

· Learn to describe parents’ occupation and what they wear for work

· Learn to describe one’s aspiration

Home Learning

The Home Learning this term links closely with our two big targets -House Election and Telunas.

Firstly, the children will be asked to create a promotional video for their election campaign using Wevideo. In class we will be using Chrome Books and every child has a Gmail account so they can access their learning at home too. On the day of the election, the children will be asked to share this video and their persuasive speech with their House peers.

Next, learning simple Bahasa phrases so the children can play board games when they spend two days at the village is essential. Each week in the Smore watch out for our top Bahasa phrases for the week!

Dates for the Diary

House Captain Nominees Presentation - Wednesday January 27th at 8 am

House Mufti Day and Telunas Fund Raiser - Friday January 29th

Telunas Expedition - Monday 1st February to Friday 5th February