Where I Want to Live

Cam DiMaggio

Place I Want to Live-New Hampshire

I've lived in New Hampshire for over 12 years now, and I have loved every second about it. There are multiple good reasons of why a person would want to live in New Hampshire. These reasons are:

  1. Crime- NH has one of the nations lowest crime rates.
  2. Economy- Manufacturing in New Hampshire is very important. The main source of income is dairy products from farming.
  3. Taxes- There is absolutely NO sales tax and NO income tax.
  4. Religion- Roman Catholic is the predominate religion.
  5. Schools- In 2008 the state tied with Massachusetts as having the highest scores on the SAT and ACT standardized tests given to high school students.
  6. Climate- Known for wildly varying temperatures where it can change from warm to cool very quickly.
  7. Unemployment- As of October 2013, the unemployment rate was 5.1%.
  8. Recreation- There are many things to do in NH including trail riding, biking, fishing, boating, hunting, and skiing.
  9. Racial Makeup- In New Hampshire, 94% of people are white, 1.4% are black or African American, and 2.4% Asian.
  10. Sports- Sports are big in NH. Most sports are played including football, lacrosse, basketball, golf, hockey, and baseball.

Place I Don't Want To Live-Florida

Florida is a very warm climate place. I have a lot of fun vacationing there but I just do not think it would be suitable for me to live there. Here's why:

1. Crime- In 2010, Florida's crime rate average was higher than the national average.

2. Economy- In terms of revenue generated, Florida's top five agricultural products are greenhouse and nursery products, oranges, cane for sugar, tomatoes, and cattle and calves.

3. Taxes- The sales tax rate is 6% while there is no state income tax.

4. Religion- Catholic is the predominate religion in Florida.

5. Schools- During the 2010 academic year, 312,216 students attended a state university.

6. Climate- A mild, sunny climate is one of Florida's most important natural resources, making it a major tourist center and a retirement home for millions of northerners.

7. Unemployment- In December 2013, the unemployment rate was 6.3%.

8. Recreation- The things to do in Florida includes swimming, public parks, going to the beach, amusement parks, and shopping.

9. Racial Makeup- In 2000, the racial makeup of Florida was 82.45% white, 15.66% black, and 2.11% Asian.

10. Sports- Just like New Hampshire, almost all sports are played.

Place in Canada- Edmundston, New Brunswick

I have a huge family, and while a good chunk of them live in Edmundston, there are reasons I still would maybe like to live here. These are:

1. Crime- Edmundston is well below the national average for crime rates.

2. Economy- Forestry is one of the city's major industries, with several sawmills and paper plants in the vicinity.

3. Taxes- There is no sales tax, however, there is an income tax.

4. Religion- Christianity is the dominant religion of the city's inhabitants, with most residents being Roman Catholics.

5. Schools- The city has a total of six schools, with one community college and one university.

6. Climate- The climate in Edmundston is usually very cold around the winter time. With it heating up to average highs of 75*F in the summer.

7. Unemployment- In April 2013, the unemployment rate was at a high 10.9%.

8. Recreation- Recreation in Edmundston is very expansive. With activities such as skiing, hiking, hunting, trial riding, and snowmobiling.

9. Racial Makeup- In New Brunswick, the racial makeup is 96.4% white, 2.3% aboriginal, .5% black and .8% others.

10. Sports- There aren't as many sports played in Edmundson, however, some of the sports that are played are baseball, hockey, and soccer.


The place that I would want to live when I grow up would definitely be New Hampshire. It would have to be New Hampshire because of all the benefits. To start, New Hampshire has one of the lowest crime rates, which would be good for my children to grow up and be able to feel safe. The economy is no big issue at this point in my life but, as I mature, it probably will become an issue no matter where I live. A huge benefit of living in NH is the fact that there is no sales tax and also no income tax. The main religion in New Hampshire is Roman Catholic, which is also my religion. This means many churches to choose from. The school systems seem to be running good, with the SAT and ACT scores at a high point. The climate is not a big problem because my kids will be able to experience snow and have fun in it but also the enjoyment of summer and sitting by the pool all day. The unemployment rate doesn’t seem too high, the recreation and all the opportunities it brings is really good, the racial makeup is not a problem, and the variety of sports is outstanding.

With the changing climate and unemployment rate, I think that New Hampshire attracts people in for the availability of jobs and opportunities, and the people will just have to ignore the crazy climate. More and more people will move to NH just to get a good job and live a happy life, and considering all the statistics from the list above, I think New Hampshire could attract nearly anyone to come live here. However, retired people currently living in New Hampshire may choose the opposite direction and move to Florida. They would move to Florida mainly for the climate and recreational opportunities. On the other hand, any normal person could want to move to Canada because maybe they enjoy the colder climate or just possibly want to be closer to family or even for a job. This is why I want to live in New Hampshire, why people would move to NH, why people also may move to Florida and why people may move to Canada.

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