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Updates on School-Community Supports and Partnerships

Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers (BFNC) Free Student Supports

The BFNC has a long history of providing support for youth in our region (I have personally worked with them and have valued their services). They have many services available to Lockport students in grades 7 through 12 that are free to them and free for the District. Their programs and services are geared toward at-risk students, particularly those who are not engaged in school and/or are chronically absent*. Services include:

  • Academic Assistance
  • Social groups (following health guidelines)
  • Home visits
  • School visits
  • Transportation
  • Crisis intervention
  • Court advocacy
  • Family assistance
  • Case Reviews

*More information is attached below including flyers and a referral form.

Local Community Organizations that Support Children and Families

Support for Families During Covid-19

Niagara Community Action Program

Support for families impacted by Covid-19.

Here are some items and assistance the Community Action Program can provide:

  • Thermometers
  • Personal protective equipment (i.e. face masks)
  • Cleaning/sanitizing supplies
  • Assistance with back rent/mortgage and utilities
  • Children's hair cuts
  • Food & nutrition

Those interested can call Kristen Burke from the Niagara Community Action Program at 433-6632 to set up an appointment . Appointments will be held at the Niagara Community Action Program 's 180 Washburn Street, Lockport location.

Peacemakers Comes to Lockport

What and Who are the Peacemakers?

Last week I joined the Peacemakers meeting at Outwater Park to learn more about the Peacemakers organization. Peacemakers provide community level non-violent conflict resolution support through youth education and on the spot interactions with community members in times of stress or crisis. They also attend events, including protests, when invited, to assist in creating and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. Peacemakers are volunteer community members who live and work in the communities they serve. They are not authority figures and will always defer to police if they are called and become involved. It is not uncommon for the police and Peacemakers to work together to resolve a situation peacefully before an arrest becomes necessary. You can read more about the efforts being made to begin a chapter of Peacemakers in Lockport here.

Grants and District/Community Programs

Pride in our Past...Faith in our Future

Holly Dickinson, Director