Bleeding Kansas

Article by: McKenzie Jeter

Kansas Elections

In this spring of 1855, the elections in the new state of Kansas began! Strangely, after looking over the election, it is said that more than 6,000 people had casted ballots. Only 1,500 people have been said to live in Kansas.

Border Ruffians Attack!

The 4,500 culprits are said to be border ruffians who had all come from Missouri. Their plan went successfully, for Kansas was voted to have a proslavery legislature.

Antislavery Protestors Take Charge

Antislavery people were furious and refused to accept the laws. They then had their own election and created their own constitution.

Two rival governments stood in Kansas by January 1856.

John Brown and Bleeding Kansas

In May of 1856, 800 slavery supporters came into the antislavery capital, Lawrence, and sacked it. John Brown was furious from hearing this and sailed up the Pottawatomie Creek with 6 men. The 7 men then seized and shot five supporters.