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aubree mcniell

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by aubree mcniell

Exposition Annemaries silvery blond hair Ellens dark pigtsils Kirstis short tangled curls Rising action papa told Kirsti a story after the war began TE she remembered a story that Papa had told her shortly after the war began Climax the war TE Any Danish citizen would die for the King Christian Falling Action life is not a fairy tale TE Annemarie's thoughts turned to the real king, Christian X, and the real palace, Amalienborg Resolution Kirsti can think can think it is TE she sprinkled her tale with formal balls, fabulous gold-trimmed gowns, and feasts of pink frosted cupcakes.

Man VS. Man because like there is war and there was enemys so that is why i think it is Man VS. Man

I think that Annemarie is a Protagonist because she is a good character,sister, and daughter TE Annemarie smiled and wrapped her arms around her little sister in the dark

1.Denmark was initially not an important objective for the German government. 2.Germany had occupied Denmark in order to protect it against Great Britain and France. 3.Denmark was in an untenable position in any event. However, as late as February 1940 no firm decision to occupy Denmark had been made.