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We are surviving a pandemic. Let's work together.

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Technology Tip - How to Extract Text from Images & PDFs

Extract text from images and pdf
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Ms. Katie MacLuckie - English Language Development (ELD) Specialist & Teacher Leader

Ms. MacLuckie can usually be seen moving through the building rapidly from program to program. Always positive and upbeat, she works hard to ensure that our English learning students get the highest quality education here at CMTHS. Ms. MacLuckie works with teachers to develop best practices for our English learning students, and honestly ALL students in addition to working with them one on one. She also functions as our Spanish Interpreter when called upon to facilitate clear and concise communication between staff and students. In her spare time, Ms. MacLuckie enjoys cooking, exercising, and spending time with her family. Thank you Ms. MacLuckie for all that you do here at CMTHS, you're simply the best!
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(Fort Indiantown Gap - Annville, PA) – December 21, 2020 –The Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) is pleased to announce 31 High Schools have earned the designation PNGAS Guard Friendly High School. The designation and standards were developed by the PNGAS Education Advisory Council to amplify high school best practices for recruiting, information sharing, and group-formation in high schools for their support of the Pennsylvania National Guard.

Nurse Tupper's Health Tip

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Joke of the Week!

Why did the laptop get glasses? ----------------------------------------------------- To improve its website.
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Central Montco Technical High School

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