Serf Right Inn!

Make yourself at home...for now. Canterbury is next!!

Come and stop by to relax while on your way to Canterbury!

We are located next to the Great Stour River, 30 miles west of Canterbury!
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Come on Inn! We have a common room where free breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served. Our rooms are luxurious and you can choose what you prefer!

Serf Right Inn Information

Our address is 2 Mill Ln, St Knightship, Fordwich, United Kingdom. We hope to see you here while on your way to the heart of Canterbury!!

Guess What?!

People have seen us as the most caring Inn in all of England! We try to treat everyone here equally and respect all individuals who come our way. We don't judge anyone based on their social class or where they have come from. We all have one goal in mind: Make it to Canterbury safely. We have seen many people struggle to make it to Canterbury, where people are coming from all over the world. So stop by and meet new people! We like hearing all the different stories of the travelers and what they encounter on their way to Canterbury!

A little Godly insight of Canterbury

One of the most popular places to stop by is the Canterbury Cathedral. A pilgrimage to the cathedral has been a significant part of Christian faith. This has been a way the pilgrims use to become closer to God. Walking is preferred over riding horseback. It shows that you are actually committed to the journey and also shows that you are indeed a faithful Christian! The road might be tough and long, but so is the road to becoming a better Christian! Try walking and see if you handle it and if not, horseback can be acceptable, even though not preferred!
Life in the Middle Ages


Pilgrims can sometimes not be as they seem. People can easily lie and deceive you, so watch out! Merchants that come and go will trick you into buying things that might not even work out for you, or they just might pretend to be a merchant. Lies and deceit are common when you encounter people that you might not know very well. Even if someone looks very old and weak. Don't let looks cloud your judgement of someone, so be aware! On the bright side, friendships are always made along the way to Canterbury, so try and trust your instinct.
Adam Rahhal, 5th Period.