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For the Week of October 23rd - 27th, 2023

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Hello Hózhó Families,

We’d like to invite you to our Fall Family Fun night, on Friday, Oct. 27, 6:30-8:30 on the Hózhó dirt track. The evening will be a fundraiser toward our High School and Gardening club trips. Come hungry for some great dinner options, homemade baked goods, and cozy drinks. Bring your family and friends and check out our Hózhó community’s carved pumpkins. We hope to see you there for an evening of fun!

Book-O-Ween - On Tuesday, October 31st students can dress as a book character or author of a book (please refer to the lists below). They must have the character, title, and author labeled on their costume. Any K-6 classroom parties will be up to the classroom teacher.

Students can choose from any grade on either list...

Barney Charter School Literature List

Additional Quality Literature List

Winter Jackets - The community pantry has winter jackets available through the Food for Kids program in size 18 youth. If you have a student who would benefit from a new winter jacket this year in these sizes, please email Mrs. Tanner at atanner@hozhoacademy.org

Important Dates

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October 27th - Fall Family Fun Night 6:30-8:30

October 31st - Dress as your favorite book character or author

November 10th - No School (Veteran's Day)

November 20th-24th - No School (Thanksgiving Break)

Important Links

Poetry Recitations of the Week

Our classes take turns reciting poetry during the morning assembly. This experience builds confidence and develops their understanding of the beauty of language and literature.

Wednesday, Oct. 25th - Ms. Steffke

Pumpkin Carving Contest

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Family Fun Night

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Dance Team

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Afterschool Programs

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Hózhó Sports

Meet our Staff Members

Hello, my name is Cindi Tah and I'm the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the Lower School. My job is to support our amazing teachers by ensuring that they have the tools they need to do the best possible job for our students. This includes duties like ordering curriculum materials, coordinating training and professional development, ensuring the collection of fair and accurate assessment data and structuring a Multi-Layered System of Support for student success.

I graduated from Georgetown University with a BS in Foreign Service, completed a Master’s of Elementary Education at the University of New Mexico and a Master’s of Educational Administration at Western New Mexico University. I have endorsements in Reading and Teaching English as a Second Language and am a Nationally Board-Certified Librarian. I love learning about how to be a better educator and build a better educational system and continue to read, attend trainings, and engage in conversations on these topics.

I believe that a well-educated populace is the key to a successful democracy and that education truly has the potential to transform the lives of individuals and communities. I could write an essay in response to this question, but I’ll just leave you with this quote by Oscar Wilde, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

I enjoy spending time with my husband and four boys, reading, being outdoors in nature, and traveling.

Three words that best describe me: Committed, optimistic, and grateful.

Fun fact about me: I have had the opportunity to study abroad in Madagascar and lived and worked in Palau for 2 and a half years.

Favorite book: Oh! It is too hard for me to pick just one. My favorite genre is historical fiction.

Literacy Corner by Elise Farrell

If you were asked, 'what are the vowels?' You would likely respond 'a,e,i,o,u and sometimes y!' This verse is very memorable for helping us to identify vowels and consonants, however, if you were asked 'what is a vowel? How is it different from a consonant?' could you answer?

Well, by the end of this literacy corner, you could!

The 42 sounds of the English language are split into the two categories we know as vowels and consonants. The sound a letter makes determines if it is a vowel or a consonant.

Vowels = the sounds that are unblocked and always voiced (they can be sung)

You can say a vowel for as long as you have breath. Take the letter A for example, you can say /a/ , /A/, and /aw/ until you decide to stop making the sound.

Consonants: the sounds that are blocked in the mouth when produced, they can be both voiced and unvoiced.

Consonants are sounds that we naturally block in our mouth. For example;

/m/ - we block the sound by pinching our lips together

/g/ - this sound is blocked by raising the back of your tongue up to touch the soft palate at the very back of your mouth.

/t/ - the end of the tongue touches the roof of the mouth behind your top teeth the block the air.

One way I would teach this to my students is by telling them to hold the /b/ sound for as long as possible. The students would proceed to say buuuuuuuuuuuuh in which case I would tell them, well now you are saying a vowel, /u/!. They would learn that you ca not hold out /b/ because we make the sound by blocking it with our lips, therefore it is a consonant.

Now let's go back to our little verse from the beginning... a, e, i, o, u and sometimes y. Why is Y sometimes a vowel and sometimes a consonant? Well, you now know that what determines a consonant or a vowel is the sound it makes. The letter Y makes four sounds; /y/ (like yellow), /i/, /I/, /E/. The last three sounds are unblocked sounds, therefore whenever y says one of those sounds in a word, it is working as a vowel. The first sound, /y/ is a blocked sound, making it a consonant and you will only ever see it at the beginning of a word or syllable;






So now, if someone were to ask you, 'what is the difference between a vowel and a consonant?' could you answer?

Book of the Week:

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde

By Robert Louis Stevenson

(note: the original story is an advanced read, abridged versions are available through Classic Starts and Great Illustrated Classics)

The disturbing Mr. Hyde is making his repugnant presence known in late 19th Century London. But punishment for his vile acts are always parried by the good, and well-respected, Dr. Jekyll. Soon, the secret relationship between the two men will be revealed.

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