Famous Last Words

Katie Alender


The Famous Last Words will make you cry,angry,and make you have chills down your back.When I read this book I did all of those things.When Willa starts seeing things appear out of no where,she finds she has no hope in Hollywood.I love this book because you will start getting scared of what'll happen next.Beware! I couldn't go to sleep at night! Hollywood can be scary and murder and when she finds out that a murder is in her neighborhood she has no clue what will happen next.Ghost invade,a serial killer is on the loose,and Willa has to adjust to her stepdad!My rating is 10 out of 10 stars

Book cover,Hollywood sign,pool,police tape,ghost,Hollywood neighborhood

The cover suits the book well

Where Willa lives

What Willa's pool looks like in my head

police tape that Willa sees by her house

Ghost that invade her neighborhood

What neighborhood Willa lives in