Pre-K Newsletter & Calendar 2021

Miller/Wolford April 26th-30th

Kindergarten Countdown

23 days of school left

Remember to keep working with your child on writing their name, recognizing letters and knowing their sounds, recognizing numbers (at least up to 10), colors, and shapes. These will truly help your child excel in Kindergarten. We have laid the foundation for them here in Pre-K for learning in all these areas, now you just to have you reinforce this by providing opportunities for them to learn.

Pre-K will now dismiss on May 26th which is a half day.

More information on that to come, so stay tuned!!

April Birthday's


Carter 4/17

What We Are Learning

Caterpillars to Butterflies

Things we will be learning:

  • Life cycle of a butterfly
  • What do Caterpillars and Butterflies eat?
  • How many legs does a butterfly have?
  • How many wings does a butterfly have?
  • How do butterflies taste?
  • What is it called that a caterpillar goes in to to turn in to a butterfly?


Know your W's

Please remember that we are practicing our 3 W's while at school....

1. Wear a mask

2. Wait 6 feet apart

3. Wash your hands

**Remember to hand us your attestation forms as you arrive. This includes any siblings that come through as well.**

Story Time

How a Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly


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