Health Concerns

By:Shania Higgins


  • Hearing well developed
  • Awareness of midrange sounds develop
  • high range and low range
  • 11 of age children have the auditory
  • awareness of adults
  • ear infections decrease due to structural changes
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  • By six most children are reading
  • They can see an object with both eyes
  • Their ability to focus improves
  • Preschool children are some what farsighted
  • throughout middle childhood nearsightedness more common
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  • Middle childhood begin losing baby teeth
  • second graders often have toothless smiles
  • age 12 all 20 primary teeth will be replaced
  • facial bone growth cause face to lengthen
  • Changes accommodate the larger permanent teeth
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  • common problem among school age children
  • when he or she weights 20 present more than others
  • affects 25 percent of school age children
  • impacts children emotional health
  • often teased or ridiculed by peers
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