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The Holidays Are Approaching!

Hello OWLS! I hope this newsletter finds you all well and ready to rock your business this season! I'm so excited about the Halloween Charms! And have you seen the Thanksgiving and winter season ones?! Wow!! (Please be sure to remind your customers that these are LIMITED EDITION and will sell out!)

What are your sales goals for the remainder of the year? Are you continuing to work towards the Cancun incentive trip? Leaders what are you doing to assist your team? Please remember that there are many people in your upline that can help you with ideas! To find some of these great thoughts, just log into Facebook and head over to one of your team pages! Which by the way are OWLways Charmed, Cami's Origami Owlets, and Team Lovely Lockets. Also, if you are TL or up, please be sure you are part of Lovely Locket Leaders. If you need to be added to any of these groups, please let me know.

On another note, did you realize that this season is the perfect one for recruiting? I mean think about it. Who wouldn't want to earn some extra cash for all that holiday shopping? I know I personally love being able to pay for gifts in cash rather than credit! With that in mind, here are a few tips for recruiting:

~Get Personal! Start a monthly newsletter for possible recruits. Tell them about you and your goals and keep them up to date with any specials or incentives from your company! Including customer, hostess and Designer benefits!

~Be Available! I know we are all very busy. Letting your possible recruit know that they can reach you either by email, text, phone of even a Facebook message goes a long way. Having more than one contact method makes it much easier to stay in touch!

~Get Creative! Sometimes being silly yields you the best results! Get crazy with promoting your business! Print fliers, bookmarks, calling cards, etc. Leave these everywhere! You never know who will see them!

~Don't Stop!! It's said that with every "NO" you get, you'll get one "YES." Don't quit promoting recruits, regardless of how many no's you get! Sometimes all it takes is one! Trust me... I know for a fact this is true! My very first recruit was all I needed to give myself that push to get up and go. I still recruit every day! I get plenty of no's. But I don't let it get me down. Just keep going. It's worth it! And please know that any of your upline would be more than happy to help you talk to a possible recruit! All you have to do is let one of us know! <3

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Sales of over $500 in August!!

Congratulations Pam Gunn, Angi Garcia, Ray Gunn, Dawn Natola, Lisa Houser, Kelli Clark, Cathy Clauss, Connie Bruns and Jennifer Baker!!
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With a huge shout out to our #1 in sales for August with over $800.... Congratulations to Michelle Keener!! Way to go! You will be receiving a special gift from me!
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Big Welcome To The Newest Designer's In August!!

Angela Benedict, Shauna Chapman, Angi Garcia, Jen Pelzer and Ray Gunn! We are very happy you are here!

Get to know..... NIKKI STEMPFLEY!!

What an honor to be asked to share my story with all of my wonderful Origami Owl family! My name is Nikki Stempfley, Senior Team Leader with Origami Owl. I have been married for 25 years in April to my best friend, and love of my life, Doug. I have been a stay at home mom for almost 23 years to 3 wonderful children, Kaitlyn, 23 (senior at UC), Chase, 21 (studying mechanical engineering), and Karaline, 11 (my baby, LOL). I also owned my own photography business for 5 years.

There are so many places to start as far as my Origami Owl journey. But I think it's so important to start with my "Why." There are many reasons that people start selling OO, however when your "why" touches the depth of your heart because it deals with helping your child have the best quality of life possible, the intensity of the "why" is an even higher level than ever.

My youngest daughter was diagnosed with Type I diabetes in March of 2010 when she was 6 years old. Our lives were forever changed. We began the 24 hour a day task of managing Karaline's blood sugar with insulin injections and carefully counting each carb in every piece of food our little girl ate. We still to this day wake up every two to three hours through the night to check her blood sugar and make sure she is safe. Night time by far is the scariest time because she won't be awake to know if her blood sugar is rising or falling! Needless to say, we rarely get a full nights sleep. However, we will do this until she moves out on her own.

After 3 years of insulin injections, Karaline started asking about insulin pump therapy. I so wanted it for her. I knew somehow I needed to find a way to make money that would be dedicated to her medical expenses and make her dream of having a pump happen and happen quick! That's where my Origami Owl story begins! Just so happened that Karaline's nurse at school had just started selling OO and I fell in love with the jewelry!! I had never been to a jewelry bar, I didn't own a locket and yet looked at my mentor and said, "Sign me up!"

To my surprise by the third or fourth month in, I was making more than I was with my photography business, so I decided to focus my efforts all towards OO! Within the first 6 months I had enough to pay for 1 year of insulin pump therapy as well as 1 year of constant glucose monitoring supplies! And so our amazing journey began for Karaline to get an insulin pump. Her new pump arrived on Christmas Eve 2012! Then on her birthday in January, Karaline used her pump for the first time! I can't remember a time when I have cried so hard, with a smile, out of the pure joy of seeing her so excited to start this life with the "freedom" of a pump! All I remember thinking was, "I made this happen!" Not taking away from the fact that my husband is the sole provider for our family which allows all my OO commission to go to Karaline's care, but the fact that through this little jewelry business I could forever change my little girls life, was beyond overwhelming to me!

We still continue to search for the very best ways to protect our little girl and keep her safe as we wait for a cure or for God to heal her. Recently we have started a new journey in Karaline's life with T1D, which officially started on my 2 year anniversary with OO. We decided to get Karaline a Diabetic Alert Dog named Maci! She will alert Karaline if her blood sugar is to high or low and if at night she tries to wake Karaline and she doesn't respond, Maci will come get us to help her! I can't tell you how much comfort I will have in knowing someone, Maci, will always be watching over her!! So many family members and friends have helped in our fundraising efforts but one groups efforts came unexpected and from such a genuine place it has forever touched my heart! Emily Allison and Team Lovely Lockets raised over $800 for Karaline and Maci! And if that wasn't enough they made a button with Maci on it and throughout convention, I would see people wearing the buttons with Maci's sweet face! I must say many times tears were shed as I would take pics with these supporters of my daughter. I met several diabetics at convention and over social media due to the fundraising efforts by TLL and I am FOREVER grateful for everything each person did!

Origami Owl has, over the almost 3 years I've been in it, become not just a way to take care of my daughter and help her battle her disease, it has become an open door into the hearts and lives of so many people I would've never met without OO. What's so amazing is I share my story and somehow it gives them the courage to share theirs! There is so much power in that! Not to mention the many amazing women who over the years have joined my team and became not just friends, but family! I hope that everyone I am in contact with, whether it's a customer, team member, neighbor, family member, or just the clerk that checks me out at Best Buy, will feel that the atmosphere around them is a little better having had a moment in time to share together.

My mission was, and always has been, to help women, or anyone, tell their story through a locket. And I always keep in mind that I may be the only person that they will share that story with, and I may be the only person who cared enough to listen! Loving people is who I am! Putting their love and story in a locket is what I do!

Love to all my Owls and Owlettes out there! Let's change the world one story at a time!

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Holiday Hostess Exclusive!!

Are you ready to earn this beauty? I can't wait to get this around MY neck!! :)
Selling A Complete Look. Check this out!

Have you considered grouping charms together? Honestly, I have thought about it, but never like this!! Who wants to do this with me?