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Become a Founding Member and Save!

Become a member of Seaward CrossFit's Founders Club and Save 20%!

Would you like to become leaner, stronger, and faster? Would you like to enjoy a better quality of life? How about simply becoming the best version of yourself possible?

What if I told you that you could reap all of these reward for 20% off, forever? Yep, that’s right, we’re looking to show some serious appreciation to the first 25 members of our new family. So, we are going to hook up our first 25 CrossFit and Weightlifting members with a 20% discount off their monthly membership for the life of their membership. I guess that really makes this the first caveat in this “Founder’s Club,” it’s reserved for individuals that are going to commit to changing their lives on a minimum of 3 days a week.*

So there you have it, the first 25 people to become “full-time” clients and family members, will reap the benefit of 20% off their monthly membership charge, for the life of the initial membership. This means that if you cancel your membership and later rejoin, the 2nd membership agreement will be at full price. We are also going to extend this 20% discount to the price of the Foundations class for these lucky 25 souls. However, this also doesn’t not stack further with any additional discounts.

Get down on this or regret it forever! For an individual that did private Foundations, unlimited monthly CrossFit, and added 5 Weightlifting classes per week, this would amount to a total discount and savings of $527 for the first year and $492 thereafter!

*We strongly encourage that rather than buying single classes, that you commit to a minimum of three CrossFit sessions per week. This will enable you to truly gain the most benefit from both CrossFit training and the community. Our programming is planned and scheduled with purpose and intent rather than simply randomized or haphazard workouts. Therefore, coming to classes on a regular basis will enable you to reap the most physical and athletic benefits. Also, one of the most unique and beneficial aspects of CrossFit is the community. The people you meet in class will not only give you support and encouragement in the gym, but who may also prove to be some of the best friends you’ll ever have.

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