The Lost Hero by: Rick Riordan

A book report by: Cade Fitzwater


Jason Grace, Piper Mclean, Leo Valdez, Hera, Zeus, Gaea, Coach Hedge, The Hunters of Artimies, Lupa, Festus, Aphrodite

Summary Of The Book

Jason wakes up on a bus and doesn't remember a thing. Piper tells him that they are on a bus driving to the grand canyon. When they get to the grand canyon there is a big battle. After the battle, a girl and a boy take Jason, Piper and Leo to camp half-blood, a camp for half god half mortals. Once they get there their godly parent claims them. At the camp fire that night there is a prophecy told by the oracle that leads Jason, Piper and Leo on a quest to save the world from the ruling and destruction of Gaea (The Earth god).


Jason, is the leader of the quest he has blonde hair and a scar above his upper lip. He is a son of a roman god.


Gaea(the Earth god) is the most powerful god of all she is in a slumber but when she wakes she will rain terror on the world to kill all mortals and rule the world.