Study Guide

For the Science Quiz: 4.9 - Acidification Lab

Acid Rain:

The gases dissolved in our atmosphere:

Carbon Dioxide

Sulfur Dioxide

Hydrogen Chloride

All three of them create and Acidic Solution, causing acid rain

Carbonic Acid > Dissolved Carbon Dioxide

Sulfur Dioxide > "Acid Rain" > Kill forests, pollute water (river, lake, pond)


Industrial Pollution



Porous (holds water)

Soft (on the pH scale)

Soluble in water

Florida Sinkholes Occur Because:

Lots of limestone

Water underground aquifer

Florida was once covered with ocean > Soft calcium deposits (dead animals)

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Sulfuric Acid:

Discovered in the eighth century by alchemist > alchemy > "chemistry"

Uses- lead acid batteries, fertilizers, steel industry > prevents rust corrosion, dried fruit production (hydrotropic)