Good Times and Bad Times

By Caleb Kochever

America After World War I

  • Americans were tired of war and international politics at the conclusion of WWI
  • Alcohol became illegal for people under 18 during this period
  • American women got the right to vote with the 14th amendment

Kansas Becomes More Industrial

  • Coal mining was a major industry in southeast Kansas
  • The decade of the 1920's was one of the great changes in Kansas and the nation
  • The first possible way to fly in Kansas took 3 hours to get from Wichita to Kansas

Kansas and the KKK

  • Governor Alkn mad it illegal to wear masks on Kansas streets
  • In Kansas the KKK rise happened at the same time as the railroad was on strike
  • More than 2 years William Allen White the U.S. supreme court received to hear the KKK's appeal

Interesting Factoids

  • By 1920 automobiles were becoming more common in Kansas
  • Planes were built by Travel Air at their production plant in Wichita