Expert Systems and Artificial Intel

Luke Symmonds

Artificial Inteligence

In Artificial intelligence, like factory building robots, AI in the game will be coded so they all have different movements and actions, just like the factory building robots are coded differently because their will be different stages to the process of building the cars. Their are also Artificial Intelligence in hospitals where their are a lot of equipment is controlled by them and relied on by the staff and patients of the hospitals. It is used in the companies because it can recreate the actions and motions of workers and will do the same thing without fail.

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Expert Systems

Experts systems have specific knowledge into the expert system depending on the topic they need, the knowledge they get are from an expert in that topic. So the way the expert systems work in a company is a non expert user will ask the expert system for answers or knowledge on the subject they want by asking the questions it goes though the query to the user interface then to the inference engine will then get the knowledge that you need form the knowledge base that has has info inserted into it by the experts of the subjects, then goes back to the inference engine then back to the user interface then the info or advice will tell the user what they want to know.
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