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Why Every Company Is Moving To USB Business Cards

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Why Every Company Is Moving To USB Business Cards

In this world of progressive and aggressive information technology advancement, it is amazing to witness the survival story of the business card pen-out. Starting out as mere black print on white paper, this business tool has survived for ages serving businesspeople in an invaluable way. They have transformed from the simple form into eye-catching graphic designed items that bear logo and numerous colors. Nowadays there is a movement towards USB business cards as businesses claim the gains of technology and research.

What Is A Business Card?

A business card is a small printed piece of paper, usually rectangular in shape that is used to share the business information of a company or individual. Information contained on the business card includes the logo, company name, contact information and, of cause, the giver’s name. People who receive these cards no longer keep them. Instead, they take down the information in their iPad, smartphone or computer and throw the card away. This has removed the unique feature that business cards thrived on: that of being kept by the recipient and constantly reminding them of your company as well as being a thought away when needed even for referrals.

The Transformation to USB Business Cards

The transformation to USB cards has simply involved companies giving out preloaded USB drives to partners and customers. There are many advantages that come with this method. Firstly the card is shaped exactly the same way as the ordinary business card which gives you two surfaces on which to print the usual personal, company and contact information. An extra surface gives you a platform to print any other marketing or promotional information.

These USB cards, though out of shape, are just like the regular USB drive and can be bought in a capacity range of 1 to 16 GB. This storage space allows you to preload your contact details, more detailed product catalogues, technical sheets, price lists, media files and so forth.

Although most recipients will still upload the information to their computer or other device, the cards are kept by the recipient 99.9% of the time. This is because the cards are unique and different from anything they will have received before. The cards are also a useful tool that is used by people from all walks of life as well as corporations. This ensures that the card remains in the possession of the recipient and if not passes on to the net person thus spreading the message.

Where to Get Them

These cards can be purchased online from companies that can take care of your design and printing needs as well. The order process is quite simple and so is taking your design requirements into consideration. These companies have highly skilled professionals who ensure that you get real value for your money.


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