My Poems of Heart

By:Caleb Jimison

Ode to Snow

Snow, snow, white and cold,

I love you and that will never get old.

With all the covering you do,

You always let me cherish you.

I always love to sled,

When you fall I am ready to get out of bed.

You are my favorite season gift,

I will never forget.


My messiness is like leaves going everywhere.

My intelligence ii like a tree growing and growing,

My hair is as brown as the winter grass.

My strength is like a bear climbing to a cave,

My attitude is like a dolphin dancing in the water,

My poem has heart.

I am the blooming flowers.

I am the wild.



Messy, cute

Eating, sleeping, playing

Kind to people


Rhyme Scheme

I was always in class,

You wouldn't believe.

I almost always passed,

And I tried not to leave


I am a branch.

Dancing in the wind.

Climbing higher as I grow.

I wave in the wind.

Swaying back and forth.

Living for many years.

I am a branch.


Proud and loud,

Upbeat and happy,

Racing for it.

Excited to be it.


My fast friend Freddy,

Met my slow friend Teddy.

Freddy had speed,

Teddy didn't feel the need.

Then they met my best friend Eddy.


The sun shining high.

Here by day gone in the night,

Then it's back waiting.


My heart pumps pure adrenaline,

I have to stay awake to keep it beating.

I jog 7 miles to get 3 beats an hour.

My dad has to where rocket shoes to keep up,

Everyone runs 1 mile while I run 18.

The FBI recruited me when I didn't apply,

And then I was asked to be a spy.

They brought me hot sauce to drink,

And 2 bowls of sugar to eat.

Some of them said they would go on my run,

And they got left 2 miles behind.

My heart pumps pure adrenaline.


Orange is the pencil I write with.

Orange is the ball I play with.

Orange smells like wood burning in a fire.

Orange tastes like a spicy pepper.

Orange sounds like a fire crackling.

Orange looks like the leaves falling in autumn.

Orange feels like the fur of a cat.

Orange makes me go to an Orioles game.

Orange is the sweet smell or a cake.

Makes Me Think of

Chickens make me think of chicks.

Chicks make me think of Easter.

Easter makes me think of eggs.

Eggs make me think of white.

White makes me think of doves.

Doves make me think of birds.

Birds make me think of chickens.