Quarter 1 Week 3

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#1 Setting Fitness Goals

Assignment #1

1. After reading "Setting Fitness Goals" what is the best way to track your fitness progress ?

2. Have you ever set fitness goals before ? Have you ever written them down ?

3. What is the goal of this course ?

4. Google and define the follows exercise components-

- cardio-respiratory endurance

- muscular endurance

- flexibility

5. How would you rate your present condition based on these 3 ?

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Steps to setting Goals

Assignment # 2-

1. What would an appropriate goal look like ?

2. Explain how the story of not checking a map on your trip is similar to setting fitness goals

3. As a teenager, why do you think teenagers have trouble setting goals ?

4. What is the trick to achieving your goals and aspirations ?

5. Look at the chart "why set goals" which one motivates you the most? Why ?

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Workout Prescription

Assignment # 3

1. What is FITT ?

2. How frequent do you currently exercise ?

3. How intense ? Do you break a sweat ? Are you short of breath ?

4. What type if exercise do you currently do (none is OK !!) What time of day ?

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Setting and Reaching goals

Assignment #4-

Either create a PDF or print out the chart below and attach of type your answers in the assignment box as usual

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Improving or Maintaining your Fitness Level

Assignment # 5

1. now fill out the chart below with what you believed are currently obtainable goals

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Warm up / cool down routine

Assignment # 6

1. don't forget the importance of warming up and cooling down

2. complete the chart below ...

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